Updated list of iPhone/iPad/iTouch AAPs for dentistry

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1000 Dental Flashcards & Quiz ($1.99)

3D Dental A-Z: (.99) detailed visual insights into Teeth, Anatomy, Instruments, Care, Implants & more

3D Head and Neck Skeleton System: Concentrates on the bones of the head and neck. Allows user to zoom in and identify an individual bone or part of a bone.

3D Teeth ($1.99)General information about teeth and mouth, shown in 3D. Information on dental caries, dental disease, implants and dental care.

4EverLearning (free) Dental CPD and CE for Dentists and their Dental Teams -contains 100 challenging questions that cover a wide variety of subjects from Radiography, Perio, Endo, Diet and Prevention, Childrens Dentistry and many other dental aspects.

Anatomy of the head and neck ($2.99) Quiz

Anatomy of the Mouth(.99) Flash card app to help you learn names, locations and functions of various parts of the mouth

Anesthetics ($4.99) calculate the Max dosages and Max number of cartridges for local anesthetics in dentistry based on the age and weight of the patient.

Animated Tooth Quiz ($1.99) Test your knowledge of human dental anatomy. For testing and educational purposes for people well-informed about the human teeth. Game consists of 48 illustrated questions with the animated images of each separate tooth.

AO Surgery Reference (free) includes sections on maxillofacial surgery,  midface, mandible, dental alveolar, and skullbase/cranial vault

Brace Face (.99) See what you look like with braces! See what your friends and family look like with braces!

Brush (free) toothbrush timer that alerts you when it is time to change sections

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