Valo Curing Light

Ultradent has always been an industry leader in innovative products. The Valo curing light is no exception. VALO is anything but your ordinary curing light. Its optimised power output, broad spectrum custom LEDs and precisely collimated beam provide consistent and uniform cures.  By offering three curing options (standard power, high power and a new plasma mode), VALO has the ability to cure all types of restorations with the touch of a button. With a three-second time cycle and built-in two-second safety delay, VALO’s plasma mode has been said to rival plasma arc lights in its level of rapid cure. 

No longer do you have to decide if you want a normal output, a high intensity output or the power of a PAC light. VALO has all of that in one light, and in a very light and compact unit. Its ability to produce the greatest amount of energy at distances up to 10 mm from the tooth is just amazing.

VALO is engineered for both practitioner and patient well-being. It’s sleek, aerospace wand-style body is lightweight and exceptionally durable. The aluminum body has a sapphire-like coating for a virtually scratch resistant surface. These features coupled with a low profile head resulted in a curing light that feels unlike any other.

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