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Vimeo – for those who want more than YouTube

Just noodling on the Net – registered for Vimeo.com – review the welcome email below – content should suggest what it’s about…..in a world of mydentalhub.com and dentpix.com for patient education – suddenly, like Facebook, it’s gone viral…it’s YouTube on steroids, a community of tutorials about how to be mini-dental Spielbergs….it’s getting better and wilder all the time……check it out.

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elcome to Vimeo! You have just joined a creative and respectful community of people who love to make and share videos with each other. Complete your registration by following this link: http://www.vimeo.com/user/verify?code=4e6c5dc94cd07b7a11066ceb5380fb5c  To get started on Vimeo, check out the  Vimeo Basics <http://vimeo.com/help/basics>  to learn more about all the neat stuff you can do here and how to become more involved in the Vimeo community. Also, visit our Help page <http://vimeo.com/help>  to watch video tutorials about the site and read our recommended compression settings.  NEW! If the Basic account isn’t enough for you,get more tools and features with Vimeo Plus! <http://vimeo.com/plus>  

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