Virtual education – an idea finally being understood and accepted

I’ve taken or given CE for 137 years and once the Internet took hold, never understood the practicality of sitting in a room with poor acoustics, uncomfortable chairs and in the vast majority of situations, that had no facility for note taking because of the abscess, sorry absence,  of tables, school desks or simply lousy lighting. I’ve taken courses that cost thousands of dollars to learn technique and spent 90% of them listening to lecturers and 10% learning the hands on skill set of which 9% was about products from the vendors present……it never made sense, it makes infinitely less in an era when you can access archives, watch archived presentations, prepare in advance with discussion forums and keep in the loop afterwards with discussion forums……it simply does not compute. Why take notes on photocopied mini PowerPoint slides, when you can download the material on an iPAD……again, it doesn’t compute.

If the same energy was devoted to elearning that is invested in draconian legislation,the benefits to the profession would be huge. The use of online forums is a counterpoint to the massive promotional infomercial articles so redolent throughout the dental literature,at the very least it offers “refereed” assessment if the journals don’t.
Enough of me, read the brilliant Gail Collins……read more
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