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It’s unending…..the latest iPHONE 4 commercials demonstrating Video Face Chat will envariably encourage the early adapters among dentists to facilitate virtual consultation between labs, specialists and hopefully insurance adjudicators in whatever construct possible. is now added to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to further provide social networking among colleagues with videos et al. There remains the evanescent hope that associations and institutions may actually allow for unrestricted discussion forums without censorship and posting by webmaster only. How preposterous in this day and age to “control” communication between colleagues…….shame.  Discussion forums, blogs, video archives et al are simply raising the bar on all aspects of education and shared information.  

The tragedy is that for those who have no comfort zone with this technology, they see it as a threat rather than an adjunct to antiquated events, like real time lectures, exhibit halls that are up for a few days and taken down rather than ONLINE VIRTUAL FACULTY and VIRTUAL EXHIBIT HALLS which are accessible 24/7/365.  The world of online dental education doesn’t mandate visiting classmates for a drink and shared memories as part of the educational experience…..that’s the fun part, but the demands of the evolutionary changes in the enormity of the knowledge base required in today’s practice in addition to the cost of practice mandate an enhancement of the immediacy of informatic acquisition with no geographic or time restriction.
Attached is a sample case of block grafting from Bill Cohen, a periodontist from St. Louis, MO (known affectionately as Wild Bill Mentor Guy) from the osseouniversity forum dedicated to implantology.  Questions about treatment planning in the esthetic zone precipitated this offering.  It is very much the future I see for the OH blog. EVERYTHING IS GRIST FOR THE MILL and in time the comments will direct the desired trends and areas of interest the readership wishes to see come to the fore.

Diagnostics, cbCT and model work up dictated a block graft as the only option of choice …….the blog is open to others who understand SHARE and CARE from any and all disciplines.

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