Visual communications solutions

Not sure why, but I tend to avoid banner ads……mistake in this case –

Banner at the top of the OHJ website – reviewed on the fly, but once the site came up – WOW!!!  We are blessed here in Canada – CONSULT PRO is rocking worlds with it’s multi-platform educational material particularly since they went CLOUD!!!!





CAESY has gone cloud – means iPADs should be the road warriors of most dental practices these days.

For the two or three of you who read this blog, I have pressed (most would say hectored) for almost two years to get a truly interactive capacity for this blog and for Canadian dentists at large. Comments that are easy to submit, a discussion forum, polling anon……….seems folks on the Dentrix forum have that capacity and look what they are asking for….





The one missing piece to end the year is an explanation of WHY encryption and HOW encryption. The why will never come, you’ll just be told to ENCRYPT. The process behind HOW should have been in discussion on forums for ages if ENCRYPTION was to be imminent and mandated.  I have asked someone from the IT industry to detail the process whereby you create encrypted emails in your practice. The encryption of patient files et al will have to come from your software providers.  I expect that early in the new year a posting will review the means by which you create digital signatures and acquire the necessary keys to decrypt those sent to you by others…………enjoy the peace and quiet of the holiday season. Encrypting is going to end that come the new year.

And while you’re waiting for the encryption “gift” – visit Page 8 – Different topic, same pending author!!!