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Want to get fit? Then get your gums in shape!

September 5, 2014
by Kahaliah Richards

Imagine if you were an influential on the physical fitness of your patients.


You can be.

A new Brazilian study shows that younger men with gum disease (indicated by bleeding gums amongst other symptoms) were in much poorer shape than those with healthy gums. This finding adjusted for age, weight and regular exercise.

Gum disease is a chronic infection which affects overall health. This study shows that when your body fights this infection, it loses its tone and strength.

Dental services have growing importance to overall health. We just need to tell our community how this is so.

Because your community will listen with great interest. We posted this study on our community Facebook page of Partners in Prevention and got significant response from older women.

By: Ross Perry
SOURCED:  Partners In Prevention – http://partnersinprevention.ca/want-to-get-fit-then-get-your-gums-in-shape/

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