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Invisalign discontinues 10 hour continuing education requirement.  From DENTAL BLOGS.COM

Are you one of the many dentists put off by Invisalign’s case submission quota and continuing education rules last year? Good news. Align Technology, Inc, the maker of the popular clear braces system Invisalign, has removed the quota from its requirements. 

Editor’s note – and health care reform will be reversed in the United States and the ever popular one step forward,two steps back,society is increasingly about self absorption and what’s in it for me rag will continue until we slowly sink back into the primordial ooze….I’d relate this to the draconian cbCT certification in Ontario, but that is for another day, what silliness can we relate to in Canada, Bill 168, HST, the Leering case…….ah well, back to the topic at hand.

You might remember when Dentalblogs.com blogged about the unpopular rule change back in June of 2009. Since then, many dentists have voiced their opposition, and the AGD gave its members the ability to share their concerns directly with the president of Align Technology, Inc. A total of 1500 phone calls were made, and let’s just say they weren’t congratulatory.

In response, Invisalign removed the 10 case quota from their requirements, leaving the 10 CE hours as a baseline for active accounts with Align Technology, Inc. Are you thinking that still wasn’t enough? You’re not alone; and finally, Align Technology, Inc. has seen the light.

Clearing the Air
In a recent press release, Align Technology, Inc. announced it’s no longer requiring 10 hours of continuing education courses as criteria for the Advantage Program or the Invisalign.com Find a Doctor feature. They will continue to offer elective courses and encourage dentists to hone their clinical skills through their CE programs. Citing the loyalty and trust of dentists as most important to them, the press release had this to say:

“While most clinicians believe that our training has been extremely valuable in helping to improve their clinical skills, doctors have told us that they want to make their own decisions on how much and what type of continuing education is right for them.  We know that the best way to meet this need is to continue to create excellent continuing education programs, when you want and where you want.

We will continue to improve our award-winning CE, and provide a wide variety of courses that offer CE hours, including 200+ hours of free online training and 100+ live courses each year.”

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