We learn by example, not from copywriting

An initiative is being undertaken at OH to investigate the potential for an ancillary e-journal (working title
Clinical eChronicle of Treatment Outcomes).  The intention is to mix
clinical images, figure legends, graphics and animations in a case by
case presentation of whatever content is delivered.  The goal is to
create a CRITICAL THINKING venue for Canadian dentists to view and in
time perhaps to create a social networking entity that will enable greater shared input in treatment planning and decision making.

my easiest access is to endodontic material……….anyone wishing to
participate on the blog for now, please consider doing so through the
comments section…………this retreatment case speaks to itself. No
NiTi system, or irrigation system or obturation system will matter if
the vision of the treatment objective is not understood or if the
standard of care isn’t consistent with the norm.

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