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I’m occasionally asked to recommend someone for website design. The problem with the question is that there are many good designers, but it’s like asking someone to recommend a car without being specific of the needs that are to be served. There are many really pretty sites out t

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here designed by some really talented people, but I happened to stumble upon one the other day that had all the features, bells and whistles and really hit the mark. – take a second or three to visit it and look at the composition, the flow, the way it targets the viewer, the social networking connects, the movement to hold the viewer’s eye et al.  It’s incredibly creative and the colour choices are superb, the layout is intuitive and all encompassing.  The demographic mix could be varied a bit more in the stock photography but hey, not everyone is tuned into the cultural mosaic what we are living in. The key as well are the social networking links.  A website for a general practice that doesn’t embrace viral dissemination of news through the client base using any mix of Facebook, Twitter et al is asking to lose business. It’s a battle out there folks and it’s raging, it will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls,cuz the times they are a’changing.
Check out – there are 19 videos,yup, 19, count ’em…….this is a primer course worth 40 minutes of your time to get a heads up on what to ask of a designer and give you a rudimentary understanding of the design process.
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