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what is the right context to pre-determinations?

May 13, 2014
by Kahaliah Richards

We are working with a Partner in Prevention in a community with lots of economic challenges. Recently, yet another factory closed its doors and so the patients are nervous about spending their own dollars on any kind of new service, including more dental prevention.

This Partner is walking many of her patients who have a dental plan, through the pre-determination process, to find out if Prevora is covered.

Let’s examine the Partner’s reasons for undertaking these “PDs”:

My message is very clear with my patients. I want them to make educated decisions. This means have all the facts, researching and gathering all the information available to them. I want them to have control over their health. It can never be a bad message when you partner with someone as a member of their health team and guide them through the process to reach a goal. With another company closing, people are being forced to make difficult decisions. I want them to know exactly how Prevora can affect their health and how this investment will pay off big time in the long run.

PDs are often criticized as sending mixed messages to the patient. They can be construed to say “you need this treatment if your plan pays for it”.

On the other hand, avoiding the realities of the cost of care, can be insensitive and off-putting.

I think this Partner has got it just right.


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