What To Consider When Writing A Dental Article?

by Nancy P. Howard


Dental work can often be costly for patients and dental clinic owners know it can be a fight to get new patients to attend their practice. An essential part of a dental marketing strategy is writing articles, either for the blog itself or for online platforms like social media.

A huge percentage of people find dental clinics online, which is why one way to get readers interested is to write and publish engaging articles. Let’s figure out why this is so important and try to find out what information these articles should contain to pique the interest of potential clients.

Why are articles a significant part of dental marketing?

The value of articles in dental marketing lies in their ability to serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they can help build the reputation of a dental clinic by presenting it as a contemporary and accessible brand.

Additionally, articles can demonstrate the clinic’s expertise in dentistry, establishing it as a knowledgeable and trustworthy facility.

Moreover, by providing informative and engaging content, articles can help potential customers feel more comfortable and confident in purchasing dental services. Dental articles can also boost the visibility of a dental clinic, increasing its reach and exposure to a wider audience online.

How to write a patient-attracting article

  1. Consider the publication channel. Will it be a website blog or industry-related forum, or maybe an article in a print magazine? Will it also be doubled on social media? This is very important because it identifies the next step – the audience.
  2. Once you understand where the article will be published, you need to determine the portrait of the ideal profile, the tastes, needs, and interests. What does your ideal client want most of all, what they are afraid of, and what do they secretly dream about? All this will help to see the text through their eyes, to determine the key points of belief, language, and style of writing.

For example, if this is a magazine for moms, it is unlikely the themes about dentures will touch them to the core, in contrast – for example – to a review of children’s records. But the young audience, for example, on a university forum, will be interested in the topic of braces and teeth whitening. And so on.

  1.  Make a plan like writers from the best writing services do:
  2. think about the topic
  3. write down the headings and the main points
  4. make 3-5 key thoughts for each point
  5. make edits and proofread

What topic to choose?

The topic of your article should attract attention and enable the response. What should you write so that after reading it, users will get the impression that you are a professional in dentistry? Let’s explore the possibilities:

  • Innovation and style trends in dentistry. Describe briefly and tell how you feel about them, and which ones you apply in your practice.
  • Readers like bullet points. You can make a list of foods that have a positive effect on tooth enamel, and a list of the best hygiene products to make the content helpful and easy to read.
  • Humorous situations from life. Try to relate them to your profession.
  • Tell in detail what services dentists provide a guarantee for and how long you can use it.
  • Share real cases from your medical practice.
  • Answer the most popular questions from subscribers and visitors. Recall what they usually ask and record detailed answers to post in a video later.
  • Product reviews. Make a review of new oral care products, the most popular methods of dentures, bite correction, etc.
  • Information for new clients. For example, this can be a post about how to prepare for a visit to the clinic, how to overcome the fear of visiting the dentist, and how to detect malocclusion.
  • Talk about useful devices and applications you use in your life and work.
  • Write a reminder, for instance, for how to quickly relieve severe pain when you can’t get to an appointment, what medications to take with you on a trip, and how to teach your child to brush their teeth properly.
  • Demonstrate the results of your work: patient testimonials, pictures with patients, and before/after photos. Keep in mind that such pictures can be posted online only with the patient’s approval.
  • If a satisfied client writes you a thank-you post on own page, repost it to your profile so that you will make a positive impression on potential patients.
  • Post a collaboration post. Talk about the doctors you refer patients to and when.

As you can see, there are a lot of topics for writing articles. Choose the appropriate ones that correspond to your values and principles in work. You can post about informal topics on your blog and clinic website page. Video broadcasts get much more views than ordinary articles; they will help to significantly expand the user audience.

To sum up

Writing high-quality texts in dentistry requires a combination of specialized, technical knowledge and mastery of the traditional pillars of education: language, grammar, rhetoric, and logic. These skills affect the psychological and rhetorical processes that readers use to understand and extract meaning from written material, especially in technical and medical contexts. But it is also important not to forget who the article is aimed at and the ultimate purpose of writing it.

About the Author

Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at the online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, SEO and marketing.