What Type of Content Should Your Dental Website Feature?

by Christie Simon

You’ve finally finished creating a website for your dental clinic. It looks clean, user-friendly and professional, but you’re left with one question: what should you post on it?

Content provides useful resources for your patients and helps your website appear higher in search results. You might be wondering how to add more information to your website that can help you grow your practice. 

Take note of these content marketing strategies, which can help your new website take off:

Service Pages

When you write pages that detail the specific treatments that your dental clinic offers, you can optimize your website around targeted keywords. Let’s say you want to attract more patients to your teeth whitening services. You build out a page that covers this treatment in-depth, from the methods used to the results that patients can expect.

The next time someone looks up “side effects of teeth whitening” or “teeth whitening in your area,” there’s a chance your website will show up. This will only happen if you write relevant content that helps you rank for those terms.

Service pages do more than boost the visibility of your website—they also improve the user experience. Fresh Dental has found that service pages are a valuable resource for their patients. By the time a patient calls to schedule an appointment, they’re already quite informed about what to expect. 

Location Pages

In the dental industry, targeting locations is an effective way to acquire new patients. Clients in your area are looking for nearby dentists who offer the services that they need. Let patients know which areas of your city you service by adding various location pages to your website. 

Client Testimonials 

If a patient is choosing between two dental clinics, what factors will sway their decision? Online reviews play a significant role in consumer decisions. When it comes to content marketing, client testimonials are 89% more effective than other forms of content at boosting conversion rates.

If people can see what current patients are saying about your practice, it builds a sense of trust in your services.

Care Tips

Help your patients keep their teeth clean between appointments by sharing your dental expertise. Aim to answer common questions about oral health, such as how patients can prioritize long-term dental care in their busy lives. For patients with concerns about their teeth, you can write about common causes behind toothaches or sensitivity, with a call to action at the end to schedule an appointment.

Treatment Videos

Oftentimes, fear of the unknown is much scarier than reality. When patients hear that they need a root canal, they might conjure all sorts of unsettling imagery in their minds. A video that shows your procedure can show them that their fears are far from reality. 

During the video, you can explain what you’re doing and why. Those with dental anxiety may find it helpful to see what a procedure looks like before their appointment. You can include a transcript of the video in a blog post for additional content.

Before & After Photos

Showing the dramatic difference that dental treatment makes can persuade patients to book your services. Consider posting photos that show how your services can transform someone’s smile.

Beneath each “after” photo, you can include an explanation of the procedures used to achieve those results. This is particularly effective with cosmetic dentistry; it allows patients to see quantifiable results from treatments that they’re interested in.

About Us & Team Members Page

Let patients get to know the staff at your dental clinic by sharing your story.

On your “About Us” page, share a bit about how your dental clinic first began, and where you are today. You can talk generally about the types of services that you offer and your educational background and experience.

Then, you can create individual author bios for each dentist at your clinic. You can also write about the different languages they speak; this makes your dental clinic more inclusive.

By building content for your dental website, you can provide valuable information to your patients, and help new clients find your practice. Use content to increase your rankings in search engine results and grow your dental office.

About the Author

Christie Simon is a writer based in Canada. She writes articles with a focus on marketing and social media for a variety of businesses. Some of her dentistry-focused work has been featured on the Edmonton Emergency Dental’s website.

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