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What your older patients are thinking about

November 20, 2014
by Kahaliah Richards

Partners In Prevention 1According to PBS’ newsletter to aging Americans, 5 things which cause your older patients ongoing concern are:

  1. declining memory
  2. increased loneliness and isolation
  3. big debts and little savings
  4. risk of illness
  5. death

It seems to me that a successful dental practice would acknowledge these overriding concerns and respond positively to them.

In particular, concerns #3 and #4 can be addressed by an affordable, effective and safe preventive maintenance program which really works to minimize further restorations, root canals and extractions (and cost).

This is what Dr. Jan Chithalen found in introducing Prevora to his patients. His first responders were in their 70s, had lots of fillings and risk factors, and simply wanted a more manageable dental treatment plan. Watch Dr. Chithalen speak about these patients by clicking on this short video.

By: Ross Perry
SOURCED: Partners In Prevention – http://partnersinprevention.ca/what-your-older-patients-are-thinking-about/

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