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What’s wrong with being mouthy?

February 2, 2016
by Kahaliah Richards

MDA to launch exciting, emotional campaign.

Manitoba Dental AssociationEver notice that expressions related to our mouth always seem to be negative? “Don’t be a big mouth”. “Stop being a loudmouth”. And never, ever “put your foot in your mouth”. But what if “being mouthy” wasn’t such a bad thing?

We don’t think it should be. In fact, we think being “mouthy” should actually be a great thing. In the soon to be released Manitoba Dental Association campaign “Be Proud Be Mouthy” we
are turning this former negative statement into a powerful, emotional positive.

As dentists, no one appreciates mouths more than you. You take pride in caring for mouths of all shapes and sizes, and it’s time everyone else did too. Our mouth is part of the best moments of
our lives. Yet every day, we it for granted. It’s time to change that.

Last summer, Traffic Advertising & Nüman Films embarked on our most ambitious television project ever. “Be Mouthy” involved more than a hundred local actors of all ages and filming
over eight days to produce a 2:30 minute “anthem” for on-line and social media as well as a number of :60 second and :30 second TV spots.

The new “Be Mouthy” commercials will be broadcast throughout the year. The message is a touching “anthem” with bold imagery and emotional dialogue that pays homage to the mouth
and its importance to our lives, while reminding everyone that dentists are caring people, specifically trained to help improve your life. It’s like a mission – a revolution for Manitoba
dentists to get people on board to love their mouths as much as dentists do.

 “Be Mouthy” is a passionate celebration of one of the most important – yet least celebrated, parts of our body and our lives. It’s time we all learn to be proud… and “Be Mouthy”.
I encourage all of you to share this with your colleagues, staff, family and friends. Thank you.

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  1. I really liked the metaphorical depiction about the benefits of being “mouthy” from a scientific (dental) angle. The article was interesting to read.

  2. Nice event! I am a dentist and I always encourage my patients to realize the importance of their mouth and oral hygiene. It’s what we use to eat and nurture our body so we need to take extra care of it. Sadly, not everyone realizes this and we stay on the lowest priority, meaning they go to the dentist when they already feel pain and not to prevent it from happening. We are advocates of oral hygiene and we promote information in our site, you may take a look at our Facebook page for information: https://www.facebook.com/MyImageDental

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