Whistle down the “Goin’ Mobile” Wind REDUX

It is estimated that smartphones will be 28 percent of all phones sold this year (2011) – that’s 420 MILLION – with an M – what does this mean to your practice and your ability to market your services….as repeatedly pointed out…………..EVERYTHING

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Then take a read from this blog posting on Modern Dental Marketing….Why Dentists Need Two or More Websites……..as insane as it may seem, it’s starting to make good business sense.

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Then remind yourself what your client base is seeing each and every day…

Top Companies on Facebook

Starbucks, H&M, Vitamin Water, Nutella, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Oreo, Twilight Saga

Between this and RSS feeds to bring folks back to your websites and Twitter…you gotze ta learn to do it.
Uhmember Alfalfa,YOU COPY GENIUS….creating it is much too hard.

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