Who knows what evil lurks in the mouths of men? Only the “shadow” knows…

By Marilyn Linton, Special to QMI Agency – from the Toronto Sun’

Let’s say you woke up in the morning and blood spurted from your hands. Would you go to work or the ER? Probably not work, says Pickering, Ontario-based dentist Dr. Steven Weiner. “Yet people wake up with bleeding gums and just carry on as if it’s nothing. It doesn’t make sense!”

Like many dentists,Dr. Weiner is clearly frustrated: Despite the mounting evidence of how poor oral health is connected to diseases elsewhere in the body,too many Canadians still don’t appreciate the importance of healthy gums and teeth.

Results of a recent survey revealed that the majority of Canadians are concerned about bacteria on their hands or their shopping cart, but less than half are troubled about the bacteria in their mouths, says Dr. Weiner who has been in practice 31 years.

Eighty percent of those in the Leger marketing survey done on behalf of Listerine admitted they experienced bleeding gums in the last year while brushing or flossing. “However, most Canadians are not prepared to do what it takes to keep their gums healthy,” he says.

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