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Why are you in Business?

May 2, 2014
by Kahaliah Richards

People are drawn into careers for a variety of reasons. Some pursue an altruistic bent while others are drawn by remuneration. Whatever the reasons, does it not make sense to provide the absolute best product/service while pursuing profitability? This mantra includes health care, both medical and dental.

Sadly, the dental practice industry significantly lags behind their medical colleagues when it comes to leveraging solutions in their respective practices in pursuit of profitability. While the medical community has embraced automating workflows and revenue enhancement processes, the dental community still favors costly manual workflow processes while eking out inconsistent profitable measures month-by-month.

Tor read more on this blog, please visit this link provided: http://onemindhealth.com/why-are-you-in-business/?utm_campaign=OneMind+Health+Blog+Posts&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=12624342&_hsenc=p2ANqtz–rls9aqZ2VPQ9EofbU9tk6vwcm7l6vl0UzCVYem94UqL1iI1B3m5xPSaJNGYFkso6mWNBIji_1g2ZzzVmeR8MuO50gkfP-U-CeujmFZHBsuOV_Jow&_hsmi=12624342

OneMind Health exists to bring the same levels of operational efficiencies, cost effectiveness, and revenue enhancement technology service solutions now being realized in the medical industry to the dental industry. Through the creation of web-based technology and services (fully integratable with most PM systems) that automate workflow processes and help drive revenue enhancement around the areas of eligibility/benefits verification, claim submission/management, and patient statements, OneMind Health can deliver today what dental practices needed yesterday.

Jeff Yelton is a Senior Strategic Channel Manager at OneMind Health, and is responsible for the business development strategy of all channel partners, DSOs, and large retail chains. Mr. Yelton has over 25 years of senior strategic account development experience in healthcare technology, service-solution space. Connect with him on LinkedIn.



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