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Why Is Work So Stressful? Reduce Stress In Your Dental Practice.

Brian Brunson – Senior Sales Consultant

This is the age old question that’s been plaguing mankind since the first sheep herder clocked in at the farm. The reason work is so stressful is because of us. That’s right, we do it to ourselves. Sure, many jobs are inherently stressful; air traffic controller, bomb disposal, parents of young children (that last one may just be me). These jobs have stress built in, but we can make a conscious effort to reduce stress in our respective fields.

As an example, let’s take a look at the dental industry. There are new advancements in technology every day. What is the goal of advancing technology? It’s to make our lives easier and more productive. That’s why it confounds me that dental practices don’t make technology a priority. A dental office should have two goals; satisfying patients and making a profit.

Quote What is the goal of advancing technology? It’s to make our lives easier and more productive.       (tweet this) Tweet: What is the goal of advancing technology? It’s to make our lives easier and more productive.  #onemindhealth #dental #dentalchat

I know you think that I am over simplifying things. That’s the point. We stress ourselves out by over thinking things. It’s simple – find technologies or processes that help increase patient satisfaction, reduce unnecessary processes in the office, reduce errors – when you reduce these things, it’s guaranteed you will reduce stress from the front office all the way to the back.

I can hear you thinking, “How am I supposed to do that, smarty pants?” By using a resource you have been overlooking for year – salesmen! I know, I know. Calm down and listen to my reasoning. Who knows what’s going on in the industry, knows about the latest technology and processes, and doesn’t get paid unless you buy a product and are satisfied? Sales guys, that’s who! If you’re willing to put some work in on the front end and have some patience, you would be surprised by what you could learn.

Try this when you’re screening calls in the near future. Take a sales call, listen to what they are calling about and get their information. Ask them to send you more information and be clear about if you want them to follow up with you or not – don’t be afraid to give them a specific time for that follow up! Review their information and let them know if you are interested or not. I promise 95% of all salesmen would be responsive to this method and respect your wishes. The products sales people are telling you about will also help you to recognize industry trends and figure out how those trends are important to your own dental practice.

Making yourself knowledgeable about the dental industry only helps you. Once you start seeing trends and understanding which things could help your office, you will be able to judiciously implement these changes, thereby reducing your stress, increasing patient satisfaction, and increasing profit for your practice.

In keeping with that mindset, please take a moment to look over the OneMind Health website. We believe in making your job easier and more productive. How do we do that? With OM Dental Suite! Without getting into too much detail, we have applications that we believe could help you reduce denials, decrease days in A/R, and free up time for your staff to do more productive and less stressful things. Take the first step to reducing stress for yourself and contact us today!

By Brian Brunson – Senior Sales Consultant
OneMind Health

Brian Brunson is a Senior Sales Consultant with OneMind Health, servicing the Southern region of the United States. He holds 15 years of experience in medical and dental sales. Click here
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For more on Brian Brunson you can view his latest post at: http://onemindhealth.com/reduce-stress-in-your-dental-practice/

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