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Will OHIP pay for hygiene services?

February 9, 2015
by Kahaliah Richards

Partners In Prevention 1Recently, I received a petition by nurses and hygienists which argued for OHIP payment for hygiene services. It seems the petition was started by nurses who were frustrated with the growing demands of ER patients experiencing dental problems.

So, what are the chances that OHIP or any medical system will pay for regular hygiene care?

In my view, they are minimal, without the evidence of a great benefit-cost ratio.

Hygiene needs to demonstrate in well controlled studies acceptable to the medical panel which reviews any new services, that a clean mouth is a wise public investment. In other words, that there is a good payback from hygiene.dental hygienist

I believe there is a good payback, and I have suggested to those circulating the petition that CHX intends to set up such a demonstrator clinic to generate these data.

I also believe, as do others, that until hygiene develops new protocols for selectively using antibiotics and anti-microbials (Prevora) to address the underlying infections causing dental disease, its payback will be unattractive to OHIP or any other insurer. A simple mechanical approach to an infectious disease doesn’t make sense to many doctors and many patients.

By: Ross Perry

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