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With Video, (fill in the blanks) Looks to Expand Campaign’s Reach Through Social Media

The actual article says Obama Looks – click on the link and give it a read. I include this tonight for a very simple reason. I just returned from the 15th Dentsply Friadent World Symposium in Hamburg, Germany. Downloaded all the abstracts for the speakers using QR codes on my iPhone 4GS, searched out speakers articles on my iPAD in the theatre (hot spot linked) while they presented…..there was one lad Galip Gurel from Turkey – just blew me away – check out some sample cases from the web, but the most intriguing part was, I came home with a mob of girl’s soccer teams from Canada.  The degree of cell phone usage, texting, gaming, whatevering simply overwhelmed me.  All of this brings up the issue of the article in the times. We live in hyperconnected times and if you don’t believe it will impact on dentistry, check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3uXlCL_P24

Obama and Romney – he of the you don’t know which Mitt you’ll get on Wednesday or Thursday are both using YOU TUBE and it’s new interactive platform to make serious brownie points with constituency. Dentists have been using YOUTUBE forever to promote their practices, but the potential for associations, specialties et al to promote their members using this new interactive technology is unprecedented and should be investigated across Canada for promotion to the patient base and for discussion about changing laws and standards in dentistry http://www.youtube.com/YTTownHall.  The interactive technology for marketing the Canadian populace comes from http://www.acrossplatforms.com/ and should one of the four folks reading this come from the CDA or a provincial association – do check it out. The featured image on this entry is a sample of how even the iPAD is being hyperconnected to all possible hardware combinations……………


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