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Woodward and Bernstein and Elmore James got nothin’ on this! Meet Dr. Natalie Archer

This is a very revealing insight into the heart of darkness in the governance of dentistry in Ontario. You be the judge. It’s been suggested that I contribute further content in a journalistic manner………not really necessary – I have to believe the letter in the SlideShare link says what is needed. There is more to come, with absolute certainty, this issue is a major concern to all dentists in Ontario and most likely Canada; it never hurts to look behind the curtain at the Great andPowerful Oz.

http://www.rosedalefamilydentalcare.com/ – Watch http://vimeo.com/33286367

Then read this…..http://www.slideshare.net/kendo160/rcdso-vp-resignation-letter

http://www.runnymededentalcentre.com/about-us/    Toronto dentist – Dr. Natalie Archer

After GOOGLING Dr. Archer, there is but one thing to add…..the failure of openness and transparency is something that dentists at large need to advocate for throughout this country……kudos to you Dr. Archer…..