‘World’s tiniest camera’ may find use in dentistry

From Dr. Bicuspid – May 11, 2011

Image sensor developer Awaiba has introduced what is being dubbed the smallest camera in the world, with potential applications in dental imaging and medical endoscopy, according to a story in PC World and other news reports.

How do you define success in technology? These days, it seems like you want to make things thinner and you want to make things smaller. And it really doesn’t get much smaller than the Naneye camera. That tiny imager measures just 1mm x 1mm.

That makes it smaller than a match head and smaller than a rubber eraser on the end of a pencil. Naturally, such a small camera isn’t going to record in HD (yet); instead, it does 250×250 pixel resolution at 44 frames per second.

While all the pervs and voyeurs out there will likely consider some other uses, the core application here is with in the medical field. You can probably expect to see the Naneye used for endoscopy, dental imaging, surgical bots, and so on. It won’t be long, though, before I’m sure this shows up in spy cameras and stealthy surveillance equipment like those tacky watches and pens.


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