Yes, there is an endo god and his name is Markus Haapasalo

For once, the use of files, or new files, or one file, or a twisted file, or a new obturating material, or a Teflon obturation material, or the sealer du jour or the handpiece du jour is not the focus of an industry related, industry driven, royalty or honorarium linked publication and the article under discussion eminates from a Canadian university – say it with me – HUZZAH, HUZZAH!!!!


In a recent article authored by Mari-Lou Rowley and published on the University of British Columbia Dental School’s website, the research of M Haapasalo on root canal treatment and dental endodontic biofilm, bacteria,  and fluid dynamics is highlighted. Dr Haapasalo is a UBC dentistry professor.

Dr Haapasalo has authored or co-authored over 100 articles in peer reviewed journals on a variety of aspects of root canal treatmentincluding numerous articles related to bacteria associated with persistent periapical infection. His most recent work focuses onirrigating solutions and fluid 

Root canal treatment, lower molar with 4 canals.

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dynamics that are the most effective in cleaning mechanically debrided canals.

As he states “there have been remarkable changes in the field of endodontics in the past 10 years, resulting in a shift away from mechanically focused treatment to a more biological approach

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