You can huff and puff and blooooooow away periodontal disease

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Subgingival application of the Air-Flow Method is said to allow for smooth and efficient removal of bacteria in the periodontal pocket. Biofilm is a dirty word. Thousands of bacteria strains deep down in the periodontal pocket are responsible for the development of various diseases.

The magnitude is enormous, and so is the need for periodontal disease management. There is no need to recall the increased risk factor on systemic diseases such as diabetes, stroke or premature birth.

Swiss-based E.M.S. Electro Medical Systems is well-known for Air-Flow,the Original Method for supragingival air polishing. But far fewer dental professionals are aware of the unique subgingival application of this mix of powder and air.

“Air-Flow goes subgingival,” says E.M.S. and brings the point home. A unique nozzle delivers the air-powder mixture deep into the pocket, where rinsing water washes out the eliminated biofilm. Device and consumables, so the supplier, go hand in hand for extraordinary results without any stress or risk for the patient.

The patented single-use Perio-Flow nozzle has been especially designed for use in deep periodontal pockets (up to 10mm). According to E.M.S., it creates optimum but gentle turbulence in subgingival areas and prevents soft-tissue emphysema via three horizontal nozzle outlets for air-powder mixture, and one vertical nozzle outlet for water.

Abrasive – a bad idea?

The powder Perio, too, so the company’s Swiss headquarters, has specific features for periodontal use. The glycine-based grain is extra-fine (~ 25µm). In addition, the grains have a particularly low specific density (d 50). As a result, the Original Perio-Flow Method is highly effective when it comes to abrading harmful biofilm but will not do any harm to the tooth surface or dentin, so the Swiss company.

According to E.M.S., it was important to lay this misconception to rest: abrasion is not wrong, as long as, from the gingival crest to the deepest periodontal pockets, it has no adverse effects on the tooth.

E.M.S. is very enthusiastic about the growing market acceptance of the Perio-Flow Method and says to be proud to go beyond the boundaries of conventional periodontal disease management

If your patients only knew

The wound surface of moderate periodontitis in the entire oral cavity equals the size of the palm of a hand. No wonder it affects the entire immune system, often with dramatic effects on the body as a whole.

Four out of five patients suffer from a form of periodontitis (30 percent severe)*. If they knew that periodontitis is the most common cause of tooth loss, wouldn’t they ask for a way to prevent it?

Implants, too, come loose with the withdrawal of bone tissue. According to E.M.S., regular prophylactic treatment with the Original Perio-Flow Method is proven to prevent periimplantitis and its costly aftermath. The implant patient is and continues to be a patient, too.

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