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Steps to creativity……..what really really disturbs me is of the four of you who read this, three have no idea who Tallulah Bankhead is………..sob………

Nobody can be exactly
like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it.

“To approach a workplace problem creatively, we need to
be fluent, flexible thinkers,” says author Michael Michalko in his book
Cracking Creativity, reported in Work & Family Life (July
2011).  As he sees it, fluency just means coming up with lots of ideas, and
flexibility means looking for new ways to think about a subject — any subject. 
Here’s Michalko’s five-step process:

Defer judgment
Get your juices flowing, but wait to decide which ideas are worth developing.

Generate lots of ideas.  Most of your ideas may end up
being discarded, but all it takes is one or two good ones to make a

List ideas as they arise
.  A good idea can
disappear the minute you get dis tracted by your daily routines.  Keep a written
record of your ideas and musings.

Keep on tweaking
Elaborate and improve on the ideas you and your coworkers have generated.  Look
for novel combinations, surprises, and new perspectives.

something different
.  Good ideas need time to incubate.  Tap into your
subconscious.  Take a walk.  Visit an art gallery. Then return to thinking about
the problem and see what new ideas emerge.

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