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February 4, 2016 Feature AnesthesiologyDental PharmacologyDentistry

ARTICAINE 30 Years Later

by Oral Health

Introduction Local anesthesia forms the backbone of pain control techniques in dentistry. Local anesthetics represent the safest (when used properly) and most effective drugs for the prevention and management of perioperative and post-operative pain. The first known injection of a

February 3, 2016 Feature AnesthesiologyDental PharmacologyDentistry

Minimal Oral Conscious Sedation with a Oral Benzodiazepine for the Adult Patient A Fact or Fiction Quiz

by Derek Decloux, DMD

Performing minimal oral (enteral) conscious sedation on a healthy adult patient with a benzodiazepine is a safe, cost-effective way to treat certain patients with dental anxiety. Go through the ten statements below with the intent of determining whether each presented

February 3, 2016 Feature AnesthesiologyDental PharmacologyDentistryViewpoint

Viewpoint: The Creative Destruction of Medical Histories

by Dr. Peter Nkansah, DDS, Dip. Anaes.

The term “creative destruction” was coined by Joseph Schumpeter in 1942.1 Schumpeter was an economist who was commenting on how capitalism evolves. Creative destruction in its original form refers to industrial mutations that revolutionize economic structures from within, creating a

February 2, 2016 Feature AnesthesiologyDental PharmacologyDentistry

Registration: It’s Not All Bad

by Dr. Peter Nkansah, DDS, Dip. Anaes.

We have to register for a lot of things in Canada. We’re at the point where if we are asked to register for anything else, there is a good possibility that we will object. Take the recent debates about long-gun

February 1, 2015 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

What’s Ethical?

by Dr. Nkansah

Strictly speaking, “ethics” is a plural noun that is supposed to relate to moral principles. Try as we might to define ethics and to follow them in our personal and professional behaviours, we sometimes fail. This is because while our

February 1, 2015 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

Dental Anxiety What Are We Missing?

by Jonathan Campbell, DDS

Dental professionals have become highly proficient in providing local anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia reduces pain by blocking sodium channels, however, many patients find the injection process anxiety-inducing.1 It is not only just pain that makes many patients uncomfortable. The plethora of

February 1, 2015 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

The Use of Automated Office Blood Pressure Devices in the Dental Practice

by Soheil Khojasteh, DDS

Blood pressure (BP) measurement can be a difficult and time-consuming task in the dental office. Many general practitioners avoid measuring their patients’ blood pressures, and some wonder, “Why should I even measure blood pressure in the office?” However, there are

February 1, 2015 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

An Approach To Pain Management With Non-Opioid Drugs

by Dr. Alia El-Mowafy &Dr. Peter Nkansah

It has been estimated that seventy-five percent of adults experience an element of dental anxiety, and that in ten percent of patients, such fear can prevent them from making a visit to the dental office in the early phase of

February 1, 2015 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

Articaine and paresthesia in dental anaesthesia: neurotoxicity or procedural trauma?

by Dr. Mihaela Toma,1 Dr. Michael Berghahn,2 Stefan Loth,2 Bernardo Verrengia,3 Dr. Luigi Visani,4 Dr. Fabio Velotti4 1PharmaPart AG, Switzerland; 2Pierrel Research Europe GmbH, Germany, 3Pierrel Pharma srl, Italy; 4Genes Holding SA, Switzerland

INTRODUCTIONThe hypothesis that articaine, a local anesthetic with well-established effectiveness widely used in dentistry, might have neurotoxic effects is continuously under intense discussion. A number of reports claim to provide a basis for the opinion that articaine is related to

February 1, 2015 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

Local anaesthesia: Improving the patient experience

by Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS, MAGD, FPFA, FACD, DICOI, DADIA

In health care dentists are often referred to as the local anaesthesia experts as we provide localized anaesthesia as an integral part of what is performed daily. When thinking of going to the dentist, this is the one aspect that

April 14, 2014 News AnesthesiologyDentistryGeriatric DentistryOral HealthOrthodontics

Celebrating two of Oral Health’s Editorial Board Members with the U of T Faculty of Dentistry Teacher of the Year Award

by Oral Health Group

Drs. Peter Nkansah and Randy Lang won University of Toronto Teacher of the Year awards at the Dental faculty recently. Dr. Nkansah won for 2nd Year and Dr. Lang won for 4th Year.   Congratualtions to both of these editorial

February 12, 2014 News AnesthesiologyDental OfficeDentistryOral HealthOrthodonticsPublic Health

OrthoBanc Partners with Smile for a Lifetime to Gift Smiles

by OrthoBanc & Smile For A Lifetime

OrthoBanc, a risk assessment and payment management provider specializing in electronic payments for orthodontists has  become an official corporate sponsor with the Smile for a Lifetime (S4L) Foundation, a national non-profit providing scholarships for free orthodontic treatment to under-served children.

February 1, 2014 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

Check Please

by Peter Nkansah, DDS, Dip. Anaes., Specialist in Dental Anaes. (Ont.)

Through 2013, I was fortunate enough to be a student in a year-long mini-residency in implant dentistry instructed by Dr. Jim Lai and Dr. Joe Fava through the University of Toronto. It was a wonderful course that I recommend wholeheartedly

February 1, 2014 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

Treatment and Billing Practices Among Dentists Providing Dental Care for Children in Publicly Funded Programs

by Kenneth G. Rawson, DMD; Marcia M. Ditmyer, PhD; Raymond D. Rawson, DDS, MA

ABSTRACTObjective: The purpose of this paper was to review treatment and billing practices by Nevada dentists participating in Public Funded Programs (i.e., Medicaid, CHIP), which can lead to higher costs and unnecessary treatment of children needing dental care. Methods: Seventy-five thousand

February 1, 2014 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

The Mystery of Meal Time Swellings Revealed

by FM Jadu, EWN Lam

Patients often present with complaints that are not directly related to structures in the oral cavity, but rather to those around it. The salivary glands are examples of peri-oral structures that are sometimes at the root of a dental patient’s

February 1, 2014 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

Trends in Paediatric General Anesthesia in Canada

by Andrew C. Adams, BHSc, DDS

In October 2013, the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) released a very thorough and comprehensive report entitled: Treatment of Preventable Dental Cavities in Preschoolers: A focus on day surgery under general anaesthesia. The report states that every year in

February 1, 2014 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

Diagnostic Challenge

by Oral Health

CASE A post-orthodontic panoramic radio­graph was acquired on a 27-year-old female patient. On this panoramic radiograph, an altered bone pattern with a mixed radiolucent/radiopaque density was noted in the periapical region of the right mandibular premolar and molar teeth. A

February 1, 2014 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

Welcome to the Pacific Dental Conference

by Pacific Dental Conference

 The 2014 Pacific Dental Conference will once again be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building. We’re excited to see the consistent growth of the conference over the past years with a new record of 12,200 participants in attendance

Academy of Craniofacial Aesthetics in India
July 19, 2013 News AnesthesiologyDental TechnologyDentistryEndodonticsGeneral PracticeImplantologyOral HealthOrthodontics

Inaugural Conference of the Academy of Craniofacial Asthestics in India on Occlusion, TMD & Full Mouth Rehabilitation at the Taj Exotica, Goa from September 13th – 15th, 2013.

by Academy of Cranio Facial Aesthetics in India

We are extremely happy to announce that we have organized a Conference on behalf of the Academy of Craniofacial Aesthetics in India at Taj Exotica, Goa from 13 – 15 September 2013. This is the1st ever Conference by the Academy

Dr. Nkansah is a specialist in Dental Anaesthesia with a private practice in Toronto. He is a member of the editorial board of Oral Health and is an educator with the University of Toronto, Western University and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.
February 1, 2013 Feature AnesthesiologyDentistry

King Pyrrhus and Dental Anaesthesia

by Peter Nkansah, DDS, Dip. Anaes., Specialist in Dental Anaes. (Ont.)

In 280 BC and 279 BC, King Pyrrhus led his army to victories against the Romans in two separate battles during the Pyrrhic War. Although his armies were victorious, they were also decimated in number and were eventually overrun. Their