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Extreme Exercise and oral Health

by Kahaliah Richards

Next time you avoid exercising just say you were doing it for the benefit of your oral health. Physical exercise is considered to be good for just about all elements of health and well being, however a recent study has

December 10, 2013 News AnatomyClinicalGeneral NewsKeeping you guessingMedical newsOverall HealthWellness

Using Virtual Reality to Improve Seniors’ Stability

by Kahaliah Richards

Computer game promotes balance to help prevent falls, the main cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among elderly  BETHESDA, Md., December 10, 2013– According to the National Council on Aging, an older adult is seen in an emergency room for

February 19, 2012 News AnatomyEndodontics

Pulpal pathway to the apex

by ken


February 16, 2012 News AnatomyCone beam computed tomography

Radiographic Considerations for the Regional Anatomy in the Posterior Mandible

by ken

Natasha Yashar, Christopher G. Engeland, Alan L. Rosenfeld, Timothy P. Walsh, and Joseph V. Califano  J Periodontol • January 2012 Volume 83 • Number 1 Background: Previous studies of the inferior alveolar nerve have used cadaveric specimens in small patient groups. The purpose of

August 11, 2011 News AnatomyNew TechnologiesOcclusionPain managementRepetitive stress injury

Relief for Chronic Migraines & Pain – YOU TUBE “RUbLES”

by ken

I know, lousy word play…..but check this out and the associated videos.. Related articles New Migraine, Not The Same As The Old Migraine (everydayhealth.com) What Makes a Migraine a Migraine? (everydayhealth.com) Alternative Therapies for Migraines (everydayhealth.com)

July 27, 2011 News AnatomyCone beam computed tomography

Study of the Posterior Superior Alveolar Artery with CT Imaging Suggests Gender Differences in Size

by ken

From Dental Health Hub Imaging – July 26, 2011 A CT x-ray study to be published in Implant Dentistry in 2011 suggests that the posterior superior alveolar artery is larger in males than females and is closer to the alveolar crest in the molar

May 20, 2011 News Anatomy

Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

by ken

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