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March 15, 2022 Feature CancerGeneral DentistryOral Health

Let’s Talk About HPV-related Head and Neck Cancer: Now What? Calling the Dental Team to Action!

by Cecilia Dong, DMD, BSc (Dent), MSc (Prosthodontics), FRCD(C); Saranjeev Lalh, BSc, DDS, MD, FRCD(C); Lee Darichuk, BSc, DMD, MDent, FRCD(C); Peter Spafford, MD, FRCS(C); James Yacyshyn, BSc, DDS, MASc; Cheryl Cable, BSc, DDS, MBA, Prosthodontic and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Cert., FRCD(C)

Gone are the days when only tobacco and alcohol were the main risk factors that needed to be discussed with dental patients during head and neck cancer screening examinations. A widespread change in how patients are educated on prevention of

March 4, 2022 Feature CancerOral Health OfficePractice management

When a Dentist Gets Oral Cancer

by Dr. Parul Dua Makkar; Dr. Sanjukta Mohanta

When you see you it, you don’t forget it. Cancer. It’s as scary to look at as it is to tell a patient that they have something suspicious in their mouth – something that may be oral cancer. What if

October 16, 2014 News CancerMedical newsOverall HealthWellness

The New Test for Prostate Cancer

by Kahaliah Richards

I recently visited a great dental practice which is symptomatic of where much of Canadian dentistry is headed: most of the patients were over 60 many had root caries all, reportedly, had dental insurance even into retirement. both dentists were

July 24, 2014 News CancerDental CareGeneral DentistryMedical newsOral cancerResearch

Researchers Identify Aggressive Genes in Oral Cancer

by Kahaliah Richards

Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have recently discovered a way to predict the aggressiveness of oral cancer tumors in mice which is an important step towards doing the same with cancer tumors in humans

April 15, 2014 News CancerDental CareGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsMedical newsOverall Health

UNDIAGNOSED Oral cancer is KILLING one person every HOUR in this continent EVERYDAY

by Kahaliah Richards

ONLY Fourteen (14 %) of North American patients report knowledge or awareness of their dental office performing an Oral Cancer Screening. Oral cancer is considered one of the most preventable of all cancers and if detected early has an 80%

March 24, 2014 News CancerDental CareGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsHealth screeningsMedical newsPeriodontologyTooth decay

New device saves loose teeth, jaws damaged by cancer

by Kahaliah Richards

Periodontitis is a troublesome infection of the gums. When the infection causes the bone adjacent to teeth to break down, the teeth come loose. Mandibular bone can also be damaged by cancer, infections and accidents. With the aid of artificial,

August 27, 2013 News CancerGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsMedical newsOverall Health

Colorectal cancer may be triggered by mouth bacteria

by Kahaliah Richards

Two new studies published in the past few weeks suggested that a type of gut bacteria found in the mouth may trigger colorectal cancer by influencing the immune response and switching on cancer genes. The researchers believe their findings may

August 27, 2013 News CancerGeneral NewsInfection controlMedical newsOverall Health

HPV infection linked to poor oral health, say cancer prevention researchers

by Kahaliah Richards

Infection with oral human papillomavirus (HPV) – a main cause of throat cancer – could be linked to poor oral health, including gum disease, according to a study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research. Researchers from the University of

April 2, 2012 News CancerClinicalDecay assessment and preventionDental equipmentDental examinationDental researchEminence based dentistryEvidence based dentistryHealth screeningsInnovations in dentistryOral cancerPathology

What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?!

by ken

Fluorescence mainly an adjunct for occlusal caries detection By Kathy Kincade, Editor in Chief DrBicuspid – April 2, 2012 — While fluorescence-based caries detection devices have been shown to offer clinical decision-making support, visual inspection should continue to be the primary detection method for

February 3, 2012 News CancerTechnology

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me – with smartphones….

by ken

From Forbes Tech – 1/26/2012    Smartphones could soon detect cancer and other diseases, enabling cost-effective, on-the-spot medical testing outside the confines of a traditional medical lab. Scientists at Korea Advanced Institute of Science of Technology “confirmed” Monday today’s ultra-sensitive touchscreens

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Shifting gears; the unexpected, the uninvited and the inevitable

by ken

I have a birthday looming. When I’m sixty-four isn’t that much farther. Eliot’s suggestion that I grow old, I grow old, I shall wear the cuffs of my trousers rolled is beckoning, and the Simonesque image of sitting on a

January 20, 2012 News CancerOral cancer

Oral Cancer Foundation Sponsors 13th Annual Oral Cancer Awareness Month

by ken

From Cosmetic Dentists News Did you know that the fastest growing segment of the oral cancer community is young, healthy non-smokers? It’s shocking but true. Exposure to the HPV-16 virus, the most common sexually transmitted infection, is now the leading

December 4, 2011 News CancerMarketing strategies

Dentists turn to marketing after getting brush-off from patients REDUX

by ken

Posted this a while back…. /2011/12/dentists-turn-to-marketing-after-getting-brush-off-from-patients.html Mississauga Dentist Increases Oral Cancer Awareness Dr. Brian Kaplansky, dentist in Mississauga, offers early oral cancer detection with new technology. http://www.healthcareglobal.com/press_releases/mississauga-dentist-increases-oral-cancer-awareness Less than 30 years ago, the RCDSO would come after you in Ontario

December 1, 2011 News Cancer

Chemotherapy and your mouth

by ken

A MUST FOR EVERY DENTAL OFFICE – thanks Seema…. SHARE IT AND CARE IT… http://www.nidcr.nih.gov/OralHealth/Topics/CancerTreatment/ChemotherapyYourMouth.htm Related articles Leukemia and Your Mouth (everydayhealth.com) What Foods Should Be Avoided During Chemo? (everydayhealth.com) Coping With Chemotherapy Side Effects (everydayhealth.com) The Side Effects of

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There is a god; we made the New York Times Sunday Review

by ken

IT’S become commonplace to criticize the “Occupy” movement for failing to offer an alternative vision. But the thousands of activists in the streets of New York and London aren’t the only ones lacking perspective: economists, to whom we might expect

November 3, 2011 News CancerInfection controlOral cancer

Transmission of Nonviral Sexually Transmitted Infections and Oral Sex

by ken

From Marrty Jablow – Dental News and Technology This is important for dentists to understand as there is a correlation between HPV and oral pharyngeal cancers. More research is need to determine if there are other STD’s that may contribute

July 28, 2011 News CancerCranio facial painDental examination

Chronic Facial Pain – What Dentists Who Treats Chronic Pain Patients Should Know About Central Pain

by ken

by mohamed@healthimaginghub.com from Dental Health Hub Imagin A New York Times article published July 18, 2011 discusses chronic pain and the importance of understanding its origin as a problem that is not always related to disease or injury.  And, according to Melanie Thernstrom cited in the Times article,

July 27, 2011 News CancerPathology

VELscope Vx is LED Dental’s newest model release of the VELscope system

by ken

2011-12-12 14:45:44

June 3, 2011 News CancerOral cancer

Multimillion-dollar study on early-stage oral cancer underway

by ken

And when they win the cup, sob, talk amongst yourselves, I’m farklempt….. FROM DENTAL TRIBUNE – June 3, 2011 VANCOUVER,BC,Canada: Researchers from the University of British Columbia‘s (UBC) Faculties of Medicine, Science and Dentistry are leading a US$4.7 million pan-Canadian

May 27, 2011 News Cancer

Daily Dose of Acetaminophen Decreases Risk for Prostate Cancer

by ken

You are what you eat.  My next door neighbour is a well respected urologist of Chinese extraction.  As such, his patient base is replete with many of those who have emigrated to Canada from China and the Far East. He