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January 7, 2012 News Clinical case report

Sharing clinical cases…..

by ken

I had to go out and buy a defibrillator this morning. I received an inquiry as to what was required in regard to posting a clinical case……….. The concept is elemental my dear Watson, and shown below. The request is

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The power of media to subvert

by ken

The fun part of being a grandfather is when the kids take a nap, you can justify taking one too.  The fun part of a nap at my age is that you can catch up on non-dental reading, albeit, the

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An innovative prosthetic-guided orthodontic technique: case series.

by ken

From http://en.zerodonto.com/ Fabio Cozzolino DDS PhD Anna Mariniello DDS Roberto Sorrentino DDS PhD Dental Tecnician: Marcello Sacchetta I’ve been begging for content from Canadian dentists in this format, albeit less intense for months……..the fact that it comes from an Italian blog

December 2, 2011 News Clinical case reportEndodontics

Try this’un on for size….

by ken

If this were your tooth, what would you do….feel free to comment below Hello Rooters!  Here is  a really herodontic case!  Reasons not to save it: 1. Radiological findings indicating severe bone loss 2. Lack of ferrule 3. Huge perforation

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Compendium Of Continuing Education In Dentistry

by ken

One of my favorite CE journals is Compendium from www.dentalaegis.com Check out this case from John Weston, DDS. http://www.dentalaegis.com/cced/2011/09/conservative-full-mouth-reconstruction-of-a-worn-dentition-utilizing-digital-impression-technology-and-moden-ceramic-materials which linked off the AACD blog at http://aacd.posterous.com/conservative-full-mouth-reconstruction-of-a-w Ah, the smell of napalm and social media/networking in the a.m. Related articles Neuromuscular Dentistry