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The Virtual Anatomy, Ready for Dissection

by ken

By NATASHA SINGER Published: January 7, 2012 PEOPLE wear 3-D glasses for new movies like “The Adventures of Tintin.” But for medical school? Students at the New York University School of Medicine worked in an anatomy class, using iPads — in protective

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I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot poll is actually an intriguing concept…

by ken

The following is from Dr. Bicuspid – they did a poll on the following topics to provide a “Golden Globes, Emmy, Tony, Oscar” style overview of the profession and the industry. It’s clever marketing and indicative of those who both

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Formulated with Edible Clay, New Advanced Gum Healing Mineral Toothpaste Introduced

by ken

From Cosmetic Dentistry News It goes without saying that some enterprising marketer will put this material in Play-Doh and plastercine (do they still manufacture plactercine?)… Zion Health, a San Francisco-based company specializing in natural clay minerals cosmetic and hygienic products

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Steve, you’re still here…….sniff, sob…..

by ken

APPLE has plans to solve one of the most draining problems to plague smartphones, tablets and laptops: battery life…..from news.com.au According to patent applications submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple plans to power its devices with hydrogen

December 26, 2011 News New TechnologiesTechnology

Luddite or Geek, this is way kewl!!!

by ken

Pill Bottle Caps Use Wireless Communication To Remind Patients When To Take Medication GlowCapsTM is a bottle with built-in wireless communication When you receive your GlowCapTM, you program it with your schedule. It will then remind you when its time

December 26, 2011 News New TechnologiesTechnology

New Orascoptic Endeavor

by ken

By Marty Jablow – he rocks!!! As to the featured image, just proves, that anyone can have 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight, even the most egregious, self-serving, solipsistic, pervericating buffoon….I’m just saying _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Orascoptic’s lightest & smallest light

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Encryption – yawn!!! – been there, done that – wait six months

by ken

The most exciting thing about technology is it enables one to be creative in ways unimaginable in the era prior to the Internet.  Digital signatures are currently necessary; however, a pain as they require acknowledgment, a lot of software futzing

December 23, 2011 News Decay assessment and preventionNew TechnologiesTechnology

Plasma Brush may Help Banish Fear of Pain During Dental Visits

by ken

by Kathy Jones on  December 22, 2011 at 7:28 PM Researchers from the University of Missouri have developed a new Plasma Brush that promises to help dentists clean and disinfect the cavities for fillings without any pain to the patients.

December 16, 2011 News APPsNew TechnologiesTrends in Dental EducationTrends in Dentistry

Surgeons use XBox to keep hands sterile before surgery

by ken

In the pre-show (yawn) before Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – as enticing as Downton Abbey – there was a commercial for the Xbox Kinect.  The flood of iPAD Cloud based dental APPS has become a tsunami, yet suddenly it became

December 1, 2011 News Innovations in dentistryNew Technologies

Need to do bone graft – HEAD TO KINKOS!!!!!

by ken

From Pullman Washington Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…….oops, wrong intro It looks like bone. It feels like bone. For the most part, it acts like bone.And it came off an inkjet printer. Washington State

November 24, 2011 News New TechnologiesTrends in Dentistry

RIM banks on ‘digital wallets’ – watch for it, tis how you’ll be paid

by ken

By James Berkow, Postmedia News Research In Motion Ltd. is pushing its BlackBerry smart-phones into a market still dominated by folded pieces of leather. In the first step toward having Black-Berry smartphones take the place of physical wallets and security

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For those of you who truly think outside the box!!!

by ken

Forget websites, forget social media/networking…….BE CLEVER, BE UNIQUE http://www.youtube.com/user/samsungmobileusa Watch this YOU TUBE clip and then ask yourself; if I change the product to say SMILES….line of folks waiting to get into a “dental office” – one incredibly cool guy

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There is a god; we made the New York Times Sunday Review

by ken

IT’S become commonplace to criticize the “Occupy” movement for failing to offer an alternative vision. But the thousands of activists in the streets of New York and London aren’t the only ones lacking perspective: economists, to whom we might expect

November 4, 2011 News Innovations in dentistryNew Technologies

Researchers develop software to improve attachment for dental crowns

by ken

From Dental Tribune GOTHENBURG, Sweden: Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg are currently developing a method to determine exactly how a tooth should be ground down in order to attach a dental crown to it. The method is

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Web-based service offers secure image and data sharing – CANADIAN YOU KNOW!

by ken

From Dr. Bicuspid – KathyKincaide, Editor in Chief November 1, 2011 — “Brightsquid” may not sound like the name of an imaging company, but this young Canadian technology firm is bringing its Web-based image and data sharing service to dentistry

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Introducing Dental Students to Evidence-Based Decisions in Dental Care

by ken

How do we move beyond basic technical fundamentals which are the mainstay of salesforce based education into more purposeful and relevant self-directed learning……….I plan on approaching the author of this paper with the hope that he will contribute to this

October 21, 2011 News Decay assessment and preventionNew Technologies

Evaluation of two imaging techniques: near-infrared transillumination and dental radiographs for the detection of early approximal enamel caries

by ken

From Dentomaxillofacial Radiology/British Institute of Radiology A M A Maia, L Karlsson, W Margulis and A S L Gomes Objectives: The aim of this paper was to evaluate a transillumination (TI) system using near-infrared (NIR) light and bitewing radiographs for the detection of early approximal

September 25, 2011 News ImplantologyInnovations in dentistryNew Technologies

Nanoo, Nanoo – Mork had it right!

by ken

From Dental Tribune by Arun Garg, DMD Technology promises to be the driver of medical and dental advances in the years to come. New imaging modalities, better diagnostic and therapeutic strategies and even improvements in data storage and the implementation

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In honour of Steve Jobs

by ken

As dentists, we tend to be linear and procedural. While we do micromanage, the visionary component of our practice is far too often left to management gurus who simply by nature have to sell a generic message. Fortunately, our generation

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Relief for Chronic Migraines & Pain – YOU TUBE “RUbLES”

by ken

I know, lousy word play…..but check this out and the associated videos.. Related articles New Migraine, Not The Same As The Old Migraine (everydayhealth.com) What Makes a Migraine a Migraine? (everydayhealth.com) Alternative Therapies for Migraines (everydayhealth.com)