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Red-stained smile in adolescent from daily use of BQ. Photo courtesy of Kathleen Prior.
October 8, 2021 Feature Oral cancerOral HealthPeriodontics

Oral Cancer as a Result of Betel Quid Use: An Interventional Analysis of Betel Quid Prevention and Cessation in Papua New Guinea Adolescents and the Role of Dentists as Global Citizens

by Meagan J. Noble, BA(Kin), BScN, RN, MN, CSRS, NP(c); Jordan M. Mackenzie, BSc, DDS IV

Ared-stained smile, often observed in Asia-Pacific populations, is the hallmark of betel quid (BQ), a carcinogenic seed chewed by an estimated 600 million people globally (Ping-Ho et al., 2017). This practice is deeply rooted in Asia-Pacific culture; however, BQ is

December 14, 2020 Feature CancerOral cancerOral HealthPreventive Dentistry

Oral Cancer and the Race Against Time: Use of Psoriasin (S100A7) as a Predictive Marker to Enhance Assessment of Cancer Risk in Oral Lesions

by V. Thorburn, BMSc, MSc, DDS Candidate; C.S. Dong, DMD, BSc (Dent), MSc (Prosthodontics), FRCD(C) and M.R. Darling, BChD, MSc (Dent), MSc (Med), MChD

Introduction Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is a potentially debilitating and deadly disease, particularly when diagnosed at an advanced stage.1 Early detection drastically improves prognostic outcomes, making diagnosis a race against time.2 Most cases of OSCC begin as a precursor

September 4, 2018 News NewsOral cancer

Sunstar Supports Release of Chairside Guide on Prevention and Treatment of Oral Cancer

by Sunstar, PR Newswire

Sunstar is proud to announce the launch of Oral Cancer: Prevention and patient management, an FDI World Dental Federation chairside guide for oral health professionals. The guide is supported by Sunstar and aims to mitigate the effects of oral cancer by

March 9, 2018 News NewsOral cancer

Cancer Risk from Oral Precancerous Lesions Higher in Non-Smokers

by The University of British Columbia

Precancerous lesions in the mouths of non-smokers are more likely to progress to cancer than those in smokers, new research from the University of British Columbia and BC Cancer has found. Although tobacco use is still one of the strongest

January 29, 2018 News Dental HygieneNewsOral cancer

CDHA Urges Hygienists to Remind Patients of Oral Cancer Screening

by Canadian Dental Hygienists Association

World Cancer Day (February 4) is a perfect time for dental hygienists across Canada to remind the public of the importance of regular oral cancer screenings, not only during dental appointments, but also now at home. The Canadian Cancer Society

July 24, 2014 News CancerDental CareGeneral DentistryMedical newsOral cancerResearch

Researchers Identify Aggressive Genes in Oral Cancer

by Kahaliah Richards

Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have recently discovered a way to predict the aggressiveness of oral cancer tumors in mice which is an important step towards doing the same with cancer tumors in humans

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What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?!

by ken

Fluorescence mainly an adjunct for occlusal caries detection By Kathy Kincade, Editor in Chief DrBicuspid – April 2, 2012 — While fluorescence-based caries detection devices have been shown to offer clinical decision-making support, visual inspection should continue to be the primary detection method for

January 20, 2012 News CancerOral cancer

Oral Cancer Foundation Sponsors 13th Annual Oral Cancer Awareness Month

by ken

From Cosmetic Dentists News Did you know that the fastest growing segment of the oral cancer community is young, healthy non-smokers? It’s shocking but true. Exposure to the HPV-16 virus, the most common sexually transmitted infection, is now the leading

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There is a god; we made the New York Times Sunday Review

by ken

IT’S become commonplace to criticize the “Occupy” movement for failing to offer an alternative vision. But the thousands of activists in the streets of New York and London aren’t the only ones lacking perspective: economists, to whom we might expect

November 3, 2011 News CancerInfection controlOral cancer

Transmission of Nonviral Sexually Transmitted Infections and Oral Sex

by ken

From Marrty Jablow – Dental News and Technology This is important for dentists to understand as there is a correlation between HPV and oral pharyngeal cancers. More research is need to determine if there are other STD’s that may contribute

June 23, 2011 News Oral cancer

Early HPV Vaccination Reduces Risk for Cervical Cancer

by ken

Oral cancer is on the rise. Close to 37,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year. It will cause over 8,000 deaths, killing roughly 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day. Of those 36,000 newly

June 3, 2011 News CancerOral cancer

Multimillion-dollar study on early-stage oral cancer underway

by ken

And when they win the cup, sob, talk amongst yourselves, I’m farklempt….. FROM DENTAL TRIBUNE – June 3, 2011 VANCOUVER,BC,Canada: Researchers from the University of British Columbia‘s (UBC) Faculties of Medicine, Science and Dentistry are leading a US$4.7 million pan-Canadian

May 26, 2011 News Oral cancer

Study aims to improve oral cancer surgery outcomes – Canucks RULE!

by ken

From Dr. Bicuspid – May 26, 2011 The Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI) in Vancouver has launched a $4.7 million Pan-Canadian clinical trial aimed at improving outcomes for patients undergoing surgery for oral squamous cell cancers — the Canadian Optically Guided

May 24, 2011 News Oral cancer

Study provides treatment strategies for tongue cancer

by ken

By Dr. Bicuspid Staff  May 24, 2011 — A retrospective study in Head and Neck Oncology (May 21, 2011) provides new treatment strategies for primary tumor disease and tumor recurrence in patients with tongue cancer. Read more Related articles What Does Tongue Cancer

May 21, 2011 News Oral cancer

Curcumin effective against cancer – substance common in Thai, Indian, Indonesian and Caribbean cuisines

by ken

From Dr. Bicuspid Staff Note – Turmeric has been used historically as a component of Indian Ayurvedic medicine since 1900 BC to treat a wide variety of ailments. Image via Wikipedia May 20, 2011 — A primary reason that head

May 18, 2011 News Oral cancer

Oral Cancer Foundation Breaks Records in April’s Awareness and Screening Month

by ken

From PRNewswire Non-profit leads coalition of strategic partners to effect nationwide increase in screening and awareness efforts NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., May 18, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Oral cancer is an insidious disease that too often is not discovered until very late in its

May 11, 2011 News Oral cancer

Oral Cancer Screening by the Dental Professional

by ken

From Medscape Dentistry and Oral Health – May 5, 2011 Editor’s Note: Oral cancers occur in the lips, tongue, gingiva, floor of the mouth, oropharynx and tonsils, hypopharynx, salivary glands, nasopharynx,and other oral and pharyngeal areas. Over the last 30 years,the

May 6, 2011 News Oral cancerPathology

Fight the good fight – defeat Oral Cancer

by ken

From the International Oral Cancer Association Blog The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimated that there would be 35,720 new cases of cancer of the oral and pharyngeal region in the United States in 2009, with 7,600 deaths from the disease.1 

March 25, 2011 News Oral cancer

The role of salivary cytokine biomarkers in tongue cancer invasion and mortality

by ken

Alexis Korostoff, Lindsay Reder, Rizwan Masood and Uttam K. Sinha Department of Otolaryngology, Keck School of Medicine University of Southern California, General Hospital 4136, 1200 N. State, Los Angeles, CA 90031, USA Summary Squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue (TSCC) has