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October 13, 2020 Feature Gum DiseaseOral HealthPeriodontics

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Periodontal Disease: Is There a Link?

by Hannah E. Young, BKin, MSc Candidate; Wendy E. Ward, BArts&Sci, MSc, PhD.

What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)? When young women experience infrequent or irregular menstrual cycles, it is quite common for them to receive a diagnosis of PCOS from their physician. PCOS affects 4-21% of reproductive age women and is the

February 13, 2020 Feature CharityDental HygienePatient ManagementPeriodontology

Let Love Rule: Flight 1246, Seat 18A

by Irene Iancu, BSc, RDH, CDTP

Crosscheck complete. Ready for departure from one of the most remarkable adventures I’ve had the privilege of embarking on. I’m faced with the incredibly challenging task of describing what seems to be an indescribable dream; a blur of circumstances sous

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February 13, 2020 Feature Dental HygienePeriodontology

20/20 Vision on Dental Hygiene

by Katrina M. Sanders, RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF

With the ball drop at midnight and the off-key vocals of “Auld Lang Syne” bidding farewell to 2019, we enter a time of both reflection on what the previous year brought, as well as turning our sights to the future

February 13, 2020 Feature Dental HygienePeriodontology

Communicating Oral Inflammation: A Chair-Side Conversation That Can Change a Life

by Lisa Hardill, RDH, BHADM

Have you ever said to a client during their dental hygiene appointment, “oh there is just a little bit of bleeding”?  Overall, giving the client the impression, this is expected, normal, or really not something to be overly concerned with.

October 8, 2019 Feature ImplantologyOral HealthPeriodonticsPeriodontologyProsthodontics

Periodontal And Prosthodontic Management Of Class III Malocclusion: A Case Report

by Valentin Dabuleanu, BSc, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C); Tudor Dabuleanu, DDS

Introduction Modern implant dentistry has been shown to yield excellent well-documented long-term results, with 10-year success and survival rates above 95%.1 Dentists now have the choice of using an array of preoperative planning tools, both conventional and computer-aided, to help

October 8, 2019 Feature ImplantologyOral HealthPeriodonticsPeriodontology

The Fonthill Implant Care Protocol: A Critical Update

by Peter C. Fritz; Donna M. Lavoie; Roxanne More; Linda M. Dakin; Angie Nahli; Amanda B. Longo

It has been eight years since we published our Supportive Periodontal Implant Maintenance Protocol1 which has been shared and implemented in dental practices and hygiene colleges across the globe. With the exciting new periodontal and peri-implant classifications published simultaneously by

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October 8, 2019 Feature ImplantologyOral HealthPeriodonticsPeriodontology

Peri-Implant Diseases And Conditions: An Executive Summary Of The New Global Classification System For The Busy Dental Professional – Part II

by Amanda B. Longo, BSc, MSc, PhD; Peter C. Fritz, BSc, DDS, FRCD(C), PhD (Perio), MB

In 2017, the world of periodontology was redefined with significant updates to the classification system for periodontal and peri-implant disease. The work of more than 170 leading clinicians, scientists, and educators from around the globe culminated in the publication of

October 12, 2017 Feature Oral HealthPeriodontology

Er,Cr:YSGG 2780nm and Diode 940nm Laser-Assisted Treatment of Apical External Resorption with Endodontic Complication in Maxillary Lateral Incisor, Deemed to be Hopeless

by Marina Polonsky, DDS, MSc Lasers in Dentistry

Abstract Treatment of external resorption lesions, even without communication with the root canal space, has historically and continues to present challenging situations for general practitioners diagnosing these cases, as well as the specialists expected to treat them. This case report describes a multi-disciplinary approach performed

October 12, 2017 Feature Oral HealthPeriodontology

Gingival Grafting: A Novel Approach To Single Stage Augmentation For Root Coverage

by Preety Desai, BSc, DDS, Dip. Periodontics

Abstract The existence and preservation of attached keratinized gingiva around natural teeth and dental implants plays an important role in periodontal1 and peri-implant health.46,47 This paper describes a novel surgical technique that addresses multiple adjacent Miller class II and III recession defects5 in a

Dental Hygiene Periodontal Residency Program
October 12, 2017 Feature Oral HealthPeriodontology

The Dental Hygiene Periodontal Residency Program: A Novel Program Developing Future Leaders of Tomorrow

by Peter C. Fritz, BSc, DDS, FRCD(C), PhD (Perio), MBA; Carolyn Triemstra, BRLS, MEd.; Amanda B. Longo, BSc, MSc, PhD; Taylor Sparrow, BSc, RDH; Wendy E. Ward, BSc, MSc, PhD

Dentistry in the VUCA World It is clear that these are turbulent times. From geopolitical instability, threats of war and terrorism, shifting political alliances to resource scarcity and climate change, rising inequality and loss of confidence in information in the

October 12, 2017 Feature Periodontology

Soft Tissue Grafting To Improve Aesthetics, To Reduce Dentinal Hypersensitivity, To Improve The Prognosis Of Compromised Teeth And To Augment Edentulous Ridges Prior To The Placement Of Implants

by Valentin Dabuleanu, BSc, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C)

Introduction Over the past two decades, surgeons have shown an increased interest in mucogingival procedures to rehabilitate soft tissues around both teeth and implants, in an attempt to master our shared domain of the oral apparatus.1 A variety of techniques

Implant Therapy
October 12, 2017 Feature Oral HealthPeriodontology

Effectiveness of Implant Therapy Analyzed in a Swedish Population: Prevalence of Peri-implantitis

by Emil L.A. Svoboda, PhD, DDS

I have been placing and restoring dental implants for over 25 years and was intrigued by an article by J. Derks et al. “Effectiveness of Implant Therapy Analyzed in a Swedish Population: Prevalence of Peri-implantitis” JDR January 1, 2016, 95: 43-49.

October 12, 2017 Feature Oral HealthPeriodontology

Immediate Temporization In The Aesthetic Zone – A Case Report

by Hendrik Doering, DDS, MSc (Perio)

In recent years, measures of success in implantology have significantly changed. Due to the fact that we have assumed functionality of implants as a result of improved osseointegration parameters, the main focus now lies on aesthetic and long-term stable rehabilitation.

Implant Therapy
October 12, 2017 Feature Periodontology

Vitamin C Update: Implications for Periodontal Health and Healing

by Stephanie P. Klok, BA, RDH, MSc Candidate; Peter C. Fritz, BSc, DDS, PhD, MBA Periodontist; Wendy E. Ward, BArts&Sci, MSc, PhD, Professor & Canada Research Chair

PERIODONTITIS AND OXIDATIVE STRESS Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease caused by our body’s immune response to pathogenic bacteria. Periodontitis results in a loss of connective tissue and alveolar bone supporting the teeth and when left untreated, will often result

October 12, 2017 Feature Periodontology

Treating the “Gummy Smile” with Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

by Siavash Hassanpour, HBSc, MSc, DDS, MSc (Perio); Stephen J. Spano, DDS, MSc, Periodontics Candidate 2018

The presence of a “gummy smile” can be bothersome for patients and clinicians alike. Approximately, 10% of patients have excessive gingival display when smiling with its presentation more common in women than men (Tjan et al., 1984; Silberberg, 2009). Ideally,

Implant Therapy
October 12, 2017 Feature Periodontology

Commoditization of Education

by Brian Chapnick

I was perusing the exhibit floor at a major meeting I usually attend yearly and stopped by a booth prompted by an advertisement that caught my attention. A refinement of a long established technique that was supposed to solve all the

Implant Therapy
October 12, 2017 Feature Periodontology

Toothless in The Galápagos – A Lesson in Adaptation

by Peter Birek

Weighting over 400 kilograms, the Galápagos tortoise1 lumbers slowly above the lush grass, grabs the Azolla (mosquito, duckweed, water-fern and fairy moss) with its fully edentulous jaws (yes that’s right – no teeth for these creatures), squishes out the moisture

March 8, 2016 News General DentistryGeneral NewsManagementMarketing strategiesPatient ManagementPeriodontologyPublic Relations - Patient Care

Key Phrases for Case Acceptance

by Kahaliah Richards

Discover the power of the right words……. The vocabulary you use plays a powerful role in whether your patients choose to accept the treatment they need. In Transitions Group’s experience with coaching hundreds of dental practices across North America, we

February 26, 2016 News Chronic DiseaseDental CareGeneral DentistryMedical newsPeriodontologyResearch

Periodontal Health Leads to Lower Health Care Spending by Diabetics

by Kahaliah Richards

A new study reports that among American individuals newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a periodontal intervention is associated with lower total healthcare costs (-$1799), lower total medical costs excluding pharmacy costs (-$1577), and lower total type 2 diabetes-related healthcare

February 11, 2016 News Chronic DiseaseDecay assessment and preventionDental CarePeriodontology

An Upset Tummy, and Some Upset Teeth

by Kahaliah Richards

In his popular new book “Happy Gut,” Dr. Vincent Pedre argues that chronic health problems can often be traced to the digestive system and fixed by changing the microbes in our gut. An upset digestive system is, according to Dr.