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April 1, 2005 Feature Cosmetic / Aesthetic

Integrating Laser Dentistry Into Esthetic Dentistry

by Oral Health

Since its invention in 1960, the laser has found a wide range of applications in medicine. It took more than 25 years to see the first dental laser, with very limited use, in our office. Since then, various types of

FIGURE 2--Discolored composite restorations in 1-1 and 2-2 and an anterior wear pattern.
April 1, 2005 Feature Cosmetic / Aesthetic

The Art of Conservative Esthetics

by Rhys Spoor, DDS

The presence of cosmetic dentistry in the public eye has never been greater. Dramatic examples of the life changing effects of improving a smile can be seen during prime time television, in magazines and newspapers. The public is becoming more

FIGURE 1--Ovate pontic compared to natural teeth
April 1, 2005 Feature Cosmetic / Aesthetic

Esthetic Fixed Partial Dentures: Rationale and Technique for Ovate Pontics

by Jose-Luis Ruiz, DDS, FAGD

ABSTRACT As patient’s esthetic demands increase, dentists face the difficult challenge of replacing missing teeth with maximum esthetics without compromising overall function and health. When a fixed partial denture is the right choice, the ovate pontic is the best esthetic

FIGURE 6--This 29-year-old patient presents with a complaint of multiple BPVRs de-bondiing. The six maxillary restorations were easily removed with a dental explorer to reveal the underlying tooth preparations. Prognosis for long-term resistance to micro-leakage and additional de-bonding for the replacement BPVRs is guarded.
April 1, 2005 Feature Cosmetic / Aesthetic

A Disturbing Transition of the Bonded Porcelain Veneer Restoration

by Mark J. Friedman, DDS

The bonded porcelain veneer restoration (BPVR) has undergone a dramatic transition over the past two decades. It was initially introduced as a conservative alternative to a complete coverage porcelain crown. This is because instead of achieving retention from a circumferential