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August 11, 2016 News Cosmetic / AestheticDental TechnologyMaterials & TechnologyNews

3D Dental Printing Technology In Progress With North Korean Scientists

by Clare Scott, 3DPrint.com

It’s always a bit difficult to tell what’s going on in North Korea in terms of technology. In June, the Pyongyang Machinery and Technology Exchange displayed a brochure detailing a 3D printer that appeared to be a MakerBot at a trade show.

July 7, 2016 News AnnouncementCosmetic / AestheticDentistryGeneral PracticeMaterials & Technology

Brian Vujnovich Named Regional Sales Manager at Cefla Medical Equipment

by Cefla Medical Equipment

Cefla Medical Equipment, a subsidiary of  Europe’s number one dental unit manufacturer, has announced that Brian Vujnovich has joined its team as Regional Sales Manager and will be responsible for the Western US market. Before accepting his new position at Cefla, Vujnovich

May 11, 2016 News Cosmetic / AestheticDentalDentistryGeneral PracticeOral Health

AACD 2016 APEX Scholarship Award Winners Attend Annual Scientific Session

by American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is thrilled to have awarded the 2016 APEX Scholarship to eleven promising dental students. The APEX Scholarship provided these students with the opportunity to join other dental professionals at the Annual AACD Scientific Session

April 20, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Annual Spring Meeting (ASM) – May 5th – 7th, 2016

by ODA

The Annual Spring Meeting (ASM) is the Ontario Dental Association’s signature dental conference and trade show. Now in its 149th year, the ASM continues to be a prominent gathering place for all dental professionals. The ASM offers an unparalleled education

April 19, 2016 News Cosmetic / AestheticDentalGeneral PracticeOral Health

You’re Invited to Attend the 32nd Annual AACD Scientific Session in Toronto, Canada – April 27-30, 2016

by Oral Health

This innovative conference concept couldn’t have a more fitting background than the city of Toronto. It’s a global center for business, finance, arts and culture and is consistently ranked one of the world’s most livable cities. Yes, you’ll need a passport, but

April 19, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Cosmetic Dentures to Generate Dental Facial Esthetics

by Luc Vanderborght (Belgium)

Cosmetic procedures like bleaching and porcelain veneers result in that today people are more conscious about the appearance of their smile than ever before. Often though, people with dentures are deprived of cosmetic outcomes. This is strange. Because it’s like

April 19, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Lateral Transformation: “How Proper Space Created Function and Esthetics”

by Lori Trost, DMD

Missing or impacted teeth can often accompany a patient throughout their lifetime. A maxillary lateral incisor is the third most common congenitally missing tooth in the dentition and affects nearly two percent of the population. Esthetics and function can easily

April 19, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Beautify Your Teeth with Ceramic Veneers – A Case Report From the Residency in Cosmetic Dentistry Program Held at University of Toronto

by Kathryn Moore, DDS; Omar El-Mowafy, BDS, PhD, FADM; Antonio Mancuso, DDS; Dominic Belcastro, DDS, BSc, MSc; Mark Lin, BSc, DDS, MSc (Prostho), FRCD(C); Robert Carroll, DDS

Introduction In the academic year of 2014 to 2015, a new continuing education program, Residency in Cosmetic Dentistry, was introduced to the dental community. This program was meant to provide opportunity for practicing dentists who are interested in enhancing their

April 11, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Anatomy of a Patient- Driven Case Failure

by Les Rykiss, DMD

Do no harm. We as dentists understand this statement to a T. Our patient’s? Well that’s another story. Cases do fail. Sometimes they fail because we make errors. Sometimes they fail due to unforeseen circumstances. In any event, a failed

FIGURE 72. Full-face with framework & teeth inserted.
April 11, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

A Smile Story

by Arun Narang, BSc, DDS; David Psutka, DDS, FRCD(C); Trevor Laingchild, RDT A AACD

Introduction The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) launched “The Smile Story Contest” in April 2014. The purpose of the contest was to raise awareness of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Entrants submitted their smile story explaining why they deserved

April 7, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Anterior Post Traumatic Immediate Implant Manuscript

by Nicholas Marongiu, DDS

EXTRACT Fractured teeth are the mist common encountered dental emergency. This manuscript presents an anterior trauma case from initial presentation to final treatment through use of an interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis, planning, and treatment. Introduction A 22-year-old male patient presented to Scripps

April 6, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

“A Conservative Post Orthodontic Solution for Restoring Missing Lateral Incisors Using Direct Composite”

by Robert A. Lowe, DDS, FAGD, FICD, FADI, FACD, FIADE, FASDA Diplomat, American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry

A common problem faced by orthodontists and restorative dentists is how to handle post orthodontic patients with congenitally missing lateral incisors. Most of these patients are under 20 years old with long-term solutions that are less than conservative for patients

April 6, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Digital Dentistry – Removing the Barriers to Entry

by Steve Cowburn, BComm; George Cowburn, CAD/CAM Expert

It all started in the 1970’s when Prof Francois Duret gave the world a glimpse of the future of digital dentistry. When we look back now, we can see just how ahead of his time Prof. Duret was. Today in

April 4, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Who Are the Four Horsemen And What Can We Learn From Them?

by Dr. Jordan Soll, BSc, (Hon.), DDS, Dip. ABAD

Recently, a good friend of mine sent me a link to YouTube and suggested that I watch the video because I would find it interesting. After 20 minutes I was speechless at what I learned and how much I didn’t

April 4, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Re: Registration Editorial (February 2016)

by Dr. Peter Nkansah

Dear Oral Health and Professional Colleagues: Re: Registration: It’s Not All Bad editorial In my February 2016 editorial, I was privileged enough to share some of my thoughts and opinions regarding my proposal for an adjustment to some of the

April 4, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Passage à la Technologie Numérique

by Dr. Elliot Mechanic

L’industrie dentaire nous incite sans relâche à passer à la technologie numérique! Si l’on devait croire tout le battage publicitaire entourant la technologie numérique, on pourrait penser qu’en choisissant de ne pas faire le saut à la technologie numérique, on

April 4, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Going Digital

by Dr. Elliot Mechanic

We are constantly being pushed by the dental industry to go digital. If one were to accept and believe all of the hype, it would seem that if we don’t jump on the bandwagon, we are missing out, falling behind

March 8, 2016 News Cosmetic / AestheticDentalDentistryGeneral PracticeGeriatric DentistryOral Health

Oral Health Group presents “Canada Rocks” event during AACD Toronto April 29th, 2016

by Oral Health

Oral Health Group is proud to invite you to “Canada Rocks” a dental party that is being held in Toronto on Friday, April 29th. Come and party with us at Lee’s Palace in downtown Toronto, on Friday, April 29th from

January 25, 2016 News Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Strong and Steady: New AACD Survey Measures Pulse of Cosmetic Dentistry Industry

by Oral Health

MADISON, Wis., A recent survey of dental professionals conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) reveals that cosmetic procedures continue to bring life to dental practices. The AACD has conducted the biennial State of the Cosmetic Dentistry Industry

November 1, 2015 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentalMaterials & Technology

Mise à jour des connaissances scientifiques sur les facettes dentaires en porcelaine

by Francine Albert

La demande pour des facettes en porcelaine a beaucoup augmenté depuis les dix dernières années (Stappert et al. 2005). Historiquement, la façon la plus prévisible de corriger l’esthétique des dents antérieures était de poser des couronnes. Les avances en techniques