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May 13, 2016 News Customer serviceDental CareDental HygieneGeneral NewsPatient educationPreventive DentistryPublic Relations - Patient CareSocial mediaWebsites

Changing The Model of Dental Customer Care

by Kahaliah Richards

The traditional model of “dental customer care” has been in place for a long time, and it has seen little real change. It goes like this: modernize the dental office, promote expensive surgical procedures (e.g. implants and smile makeovers), put

May 10, 2016 News Decay assessment and preventionDental HygieneMedical newsPreventive Dentistry

A Medical Approach to Preventing Cavities

by Kahaliah Richards

New studies are identifying the key microbes and their interactions which cause a cavity. Essentially, we now know that dental decay is a “poly-microbial disease”, meaning the destruction of the tooth is caused by many different microorganisms and their complex

May 4, 2016 News DentalDental CareDental HygieneDentistryGeneral PracticeOral HealthPreventive Dentistry

Dental Hygienists Support Proposed Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

by Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA)

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) applauds the federal government for its proposed ban on menthol cigarettes, blunt wraps, and most cigars. Announced on April 30 in the Canada Gazette, Part I, this amendment to the Tobacco Act is open

April 26, 2016 News Dental CareDental HygieneDental industryGeneral DentistryHygienistsMedical newsPreventive Dentistry

Mid-level dental providers — affordable, accessible dental care for an aging, high risk community

by Kahaliah Richards

Dental hygienists and therapists have been empowered by legislators in Canada, the UK and increasingly in the US to deliver dental services outside of the dental practice.  There has been a boom in independent hygiene and this will only grow

April 19, 2016 News DentalDental HygieneDentistryGeneral PracticePeriodontics

SIROWORLD 2016: Dentsply Sirona Releases List of Periodontic/Hygiene Speakers

by Dentsply Sirona

Clinical speakers and agenda for the Periodontic/Hygiene track confirmed for the largest educational festival in digital dentistry Dentsply Sirona, The Dental Solutions Company™, confirms list of Periodontic/Hygiene specialists speaking during new breakout track at SIROWORLD in Orlando, Florida.  Hosted at

April 14, 2016 News Dental CareDental HygieneGeneral NewsPreventive Dentistry

But what about the adults?!

by Kahaliah Richards

A new American website called End Cavities is actively promoting prevention of dental decay in children. This website is organized by the Children’s Dental Health Project and it is well done and very worthwhile. My guess is that End Cavities

April 1, 2016 News Dental HygieneDentistryGeneral PracticeHealth & HealingOral HealthOral Health & Systemic HealthPreventive DentistryPublic Health

Celebrate Your Smile this April!

by Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA)

Ottawa, ON., National Dental Hygienists Week™ (NDHW™) takes place from April 9–15 as part of oral health month in Canada. Why not help your smile shine by making your dental hygienist your partner in disease prevention for better overall health.

March 18, 2016 News Dental HygieneDentistryGeneral PracticeOral HealthPublic Health

Canada’s Dental Hygienists Celebrate World Oral Health Day

by Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA)

Ottawa, ON, On , Canadian dental hygienists will join in the global celebration of World Oral Health Day. This year’s public awareness campaign has chosen as its slogan: “It all starts here. Healthy mouth. Healthy body,” in recognition of the

March 14, 2016 News Dental HygieneDentistryOral HealthPeriodontics

Gum disease linked to worsening cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s patients

by Oral Health

A new study jointly led by the University of Southampton and King’s College London, 2016 has found a link between gum disease and greater rates of cognitive decline in people with early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. The team of researchers

February 23, 2016 News Dental HygieneDentistryGeneral PracticeOral Health

Teenage Oral Wasteland: Why They Shouldn’t Give Their Mouth The ‘Brush-Off’

by Oral Health

Anaida Deti, owner and CEO of DentalX, and registered dental hygienist, explains why it’s so important for adolescents to maintain proper dental hygiene and offers easy tips to having a smile worth showing off TORONTO, ON—teenagers take great pride in

February 2, 2016 News Dental HygieneDental industryPreventive Dentistry

The Evolution of The Hygiene Department

by Kahaliah Richards

Dental hygiene has changed dramatically from a serious shortage of hygienists leading to high wages and a lack of choice for dentists to choose. Today, there is a vast over-supply; competition between job candidates and existing high-wage hygienists must earn

February 2, 2016 News Dental CareDental HygieneDental HygieneGeneral Dentistry

What’s wrong with being mouthy?

by Kahaliah Richards

MDA to launch exciting, emotional campaign. Ever notice that expressions related to our mouth always seem to be negative? “Don’t be a big mouth”. “Stop being a loudmouth”. And never, ever “put your foot in your mouth”. But what if “being mouthy”

January 29, 2016 News DentalDental HygieneDentistry

Canadian Dental Hygienists Association Responds to ABC’s The Bachelor’s Misrepresentation of the Dental Hygiene Profession

by Oral Health

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) joins our US counterpart, The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA), in expressing extreme disappointment in ABC Studios and The Bachelor for its recent unprofessional and inaccurate description of the dental hygiene profession in social

January 29, 2016 News DentalDental HygieneDentistry

ADHA Responds to ABC’s The Bachelor

by Oral Health

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association would like to express its extreme disappointment in ABC Studios and The Bachelor for its recent unprofessional and inaccurate description of the dental hygiene profession in United States. Dental hygienists are required to graduate from

January 26, 2016 News Chronic dental care for the elderlyChronic DiseaseDecay assessment and preventionDental HygieneDiseaseMedical news

What’s on your teeth, may be in your heart

by Kahaliah Richards

A new study in the journal Medicine reports that the bacteria initiating dental decay is also found on the heart valves of patients with heart disease. Nothing new here. Other studies have shown that Streptococcus mutans to be the dominant

January 18, 2016 News DentalDental HygieneOral HealthPublic Health

High-Fluoride Toothpaste May Aid Brace Wearers

by Asnan Portal Team

A Swedish study from Malmo University -2014 suggests that high-fluoride toothpaste hinders white spots from developing on the teeth when braces are worn. The fluoride toothpaste possesses four times the regular amount of fluoride found in toothpaste. Numerous studies have

January 11, 2016 News Dental HygieneDentistryOral Health

Dental Hygienists Urge You to Commit to Good Oral Health in 2016

by Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA)

(Ottawa, ON), The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to set new personal and professional goals. While many of us focus on self-improvement after the holidays, dental hygienists remind Canadians not to overlook oral health when making

January 6, 2016 News Chronic DiseaseDental CareDental HygieneDental industryGeneral DentistryMedical newsPatient Management

Dental Care for Your Mom

by Kahaliah Richards

Two new studies involving older people, show that the following chronic diseases significantly increase the odds of dental decay: cardiovascular disease, rheumatic disease, mood disorders and eating disorders. The connection between diseases, is four or more medications taken regularly; this

December 21, 2015 News Dental HygieneDentistryGeneral PracticeOral Health

The 2016 Dental Charity Ball is set to sparkle again at The Westin Ottawa on April 9th!

by Oral Health

In response to the continuing needs of our community and through the relentless passion of our committee, the 2016 Sparkle Dental Charity Ball will again unite business owners, young professionals, and all branches of the dental /medical care community within

December 17, 2015 News Dental HygieneDentistry

Colgate-Palmolive and CDHA Award 30 Academic Admission Scholarships to Dental Hygiene Students

by Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA)

As part of its ongoing efforts to support the education of dental hygiene professionals, Colgate-Palmolive has established an annual academic admission scholarship, administered in partnership with the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA), to assist students enrolled in dental hygiene programs.