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July 24, 2020 News DentistryNewsOral Health

COVID-19 Update – Screening Health Care Workers


Recent media reports suggest some health care workers are being screened as “positive” and, as a result, cannot access health care services immediately. Note that the Government of Ontario has updated its screening tool. Question 3 now reads: Has the

July 23, 2020 News DentistryNews

This Guelph Dental Office is Taking Extra Precautions to Protect Patients

by CTV News

Dental offices in Ontario were allowed to begin reopening at the end of May, but Jain Dental Care in Guelph held off. “As dental offices, we’ve always had the strictest infection prevention protocols to begin with, but we have to

July 22, 2020 News DentistryNews

COVID-19 Government Benefit – Update

by DCY

We would like to provide you with an update on changes to the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS). The following changes are based on the government’s legislation on July 21, 2020: WHAT CHANGES WERE ANNOUNCED? EFFECTIVE JULY 5, 2020, CEWS

July 21, 2020 News DentistryNewsOral Health

GC EQUIA Forte® – Interim Results from Complex Clinical Trial Illustrate Restorative Success

by GC America

The Glass Hybrid technology represents the next big leap in restorative dentistry. EQUIA Forte® follows the hugely successful EQUIA® restorative system which was launched in 2007. A long-term multicenter study was initiated in 2015 to assess the clinical performance of

July 20, 2020 News DentistryNews

Research Team at College of Dentistry Receives SHRF Grant

by University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Walter L. Siqueira, along with Dr. Francisco Otero-Cagide and Christine Downing have been awarded a SHRF grant in the amount of $120,000 to study a novel way of diagnosing periodontal disease activity, which is an area that continues to

July 16, 2020 News DentistryNews

COVID-19 Government Benefits – UPDATE

by DCY

CANADA EMERGENCY WAGE SUBSIDY (CEWS) WHAT ARE THE CHANGES? CEWS will be extended until December 2020. Previously the CEWS was expected to end on August 29th, 2020. HOW DOES THIS IMPACT YOU? You may be eligible to receive a reimbursement

July 13, 2020 News DentistryNews

Harvard Medical and Dental Students Petition to Rename Holmes Society

by The Harvard Crimson

Students, faculty, and alumni from Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine are calling for the renaming of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Society, citing the racist actions of its namesake. One of the five academic societies that

July 13, 2020 News BlogsDentistry

The Future of Teledentistry

by Victoria Montisano, Connect2d Teledentistry

Introducing Teledentistry According to the Association of Ontario Health Centres, in 2015 there were nearly 61,000 visits to hospital emergency rooms and over 221,000 visits to physician offices for dental related issues. These numbers suggest that over 282,000 patients sought

July 9, 2020 News DentistryNews

Dental Equipment & Consumables Market to Exceed $35 Billion by 2026

by Global Market Insights.

Dental Equipment & Consumables Market is set to grow from its current market was valued at over USD 20 billion in 2019 to USD 35 billion by 2026, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights. Growing demand

July 8, 2020 News DentistryNews

MMG Fusion Announces the Launch of Unified Communications: Part of the MMG Manage Suite of Services

by MMG Fusion

Unified Communications gives your practice unprecedented ability to prioritize, streamline, collaborate, and connect both externally with patients and internally with staff.  It is designed specifically for dental practices to automate, simplify, humanize, improve, or expedite ALL interactions. MMG Fusion, the

July 7, 2020 News DentistryNews

Dentsply Sirona’s Comprehensive Clinical Education Program Results in Strong Attendance Worldwide – Three Times Higher Than Pre-Pandemic

by Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona is recognized as one of the largest providers of comprehensive clinical education programs in the dental industry. Education and training are core to the mission of Dentsply Sirona’s Academy, with the goal of providing dentists, team members and

July 7, 2020 News DentistryNews

Plan Sponsors Worried About Drug, Dental Plan Sustainability: Sanofi Survey

by Benefits Canada

Most (79 per cent) plan sponsors said they have at least one major concern about their health benefits plan, with this increasing to 89 per cent for employers with 500 or more workers, according to the 2020 Sanofi Canada health-care survey. The top

July 3, 2020 News DentistryNews

Three-Quarters of Dentists, Optometrists Worried About Financial Viability: CFIB

by Calgary Herald

Private-sector health professionals such as dentists, optometrists and naturopaths have been hit hard by COVID-19 and remain deeply worried about the future of their businesses, according to new research from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. The CFIB surveyed businesses

July 3, 2020 News DentistryNews

Nationwide Survey of Over 275 Consumers Reveals Seeing Their Dentist After COVID-19 Lockdown is More Important Than Getting a Haircut

by Lanmark360

The survey results also identify key drivers and barriers that impact their decisions to resume dental care visits Lanmark360, a full-service healthcare agency with deep experience in the dental space announces the immediate availability of key consumer insights regarding their

July 3, 2020 News DentistryNews

Understanding Personal Protective Equipment


What is the difference between a mask and a respirator? There are several different types of masks and respirators. Dependent upon the type of procedure, either a mask or respirator will be indicated. Medical Face Masks Help prevent biological particles

July 2, 2020 News DentistryOral Health

Medicom Celebrates 32 Years of Infection Control Expertise with Launch of New Website

by Medicom Group, Cision

Medicom Group (“Medicom”), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surgical and N95 masks, personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection control products, is proud to announce the launch of their completely redesigned website at https://medicom.com/. The fully responsive, modern, intuitive new site marks

July 2, 2020 News DentistryNews

Guidelines for Emergency and Urgent Dental Care in Yukon

by Government of Yukon

Dentists and dental care professionals are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 due to their occupation. In response to this risk, on the recommendation of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Yukon government limited Yukon dental care to

July 1, 2020 News DentistryNewsOral Health

COVID-19 Fee Appears on Bills at the Dentist and Some Businesses in Ottawa

by CTV News

As businesses and services such as dentists, mechanic shops and salons reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic; some places are passing on the cost of personal protective equipment to customers. Not everyone is happy about having to pay the extra fees.

July 1, 2020 News DentistryNews

‘It Doesn’t Make Any Sense’: Quebec Just Relaxed its COVID-19 Rules for Dentists, Alarming Some

by CTV News

Quebec relaxed its COVID-19 rules for dentists on Friday, but some dentists say the move causes more stress than relief and that it’s coming too soon. “It doesn’t make any sense with regard to the patients that I’m seeing on

July 1, 2020 News DentistryNews

Dentist Sounds Alarm as Burnaby Care Home Closes In-House Clinic

by BurnabyNow

A dentist is worried the closure of her twice-weekly clinic at a Burnaby long-term care home will lead to a decline in overall health for the seniors who live there. Dr. Jain has operated the clinic at the George Derby