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May 2, 2011 News DentistryOral Health

Carestream Dental Announces Advanced Integration with ClearDent

by Carestream Dental

Partnership offers Canadian dentists true integration between digital imaging systems and practice management software

ADA Annual Session - Las Vegas, NV
May 2, 2011 News DentistryOral Health

2011 ADA Annual Session

by American Dental Association

Las Vegas, Nevada, October 10-13

Figure 9 - PUI group demonstrated significantly more penetration of irrigant into lateral canals. (Courtesy of Dr. Cohenca)
May 1, 2011 Feature DentistryEndodontics

Endodontic Irrigation

by Bettina Basrani, DDS, PhD

INTRODUCTIONBacteria in the root canal system provoke the formation of periapical inflammatory lesions.1 The aim of root canal treatment is to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal and to prevent re-infection. Biomechanical cleaning and shaping of the root canal

7(B) - The corresponding sections of canal walls of a similar tooth are free of debris and smear layer after treatment using the SAF System with alternating sodium hypochlorite and 17% EDTA irrigation.
May 1, 2011 Feature DentistryEndodontics

Three Dimensional Cleaning, Shaping and Disinfection: (May 01, 2011)

by Louis H. Berman, DDS; Stephen Cohen, MA, DDS; Zvi Metzger, DMD; Bettina Basrani, DDS

A Paradigm Shift in Endodontics

Figure 21 - Recall (1-year) radiograph showing complete healing
May 1, 2011 Feature DentistryEndodontics

How Apical Enlargement Facilitates Irrigation

by Justin Kolnick, DDS

INTRODUCTION Instruments shape and irrigants clean, right? That may sound good as an advertising slogan but we have to dig a bit deeper for the whole truth. There is a widely held belief that most endodontic failures are caused by

Figure 17 - Completed obturtaion courtesy Dr. Gilberto Debelian, Norway.
May 1, 2011 Feature DentistryEndodontics

Warm Gutta Percha Revisited:

by Sam Kratchman, DMD

Classic Technique meets New Technology

Dr. Carlos Ochoa, specialist in endodontics, graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogota) in 1994.  A graduate of the Endodontology program at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in 1997. Professor of graduate and Post Graduate of Endodontics, Ex Director of Endodontic Post Graduate program from 2001-2005, and visiting lecturer at graduate endodontic programs in Mexico and Costa Rica. He has directed numerous research projects and maintained a private practice in Bogota, Colombia, until 2009. Since 2010, he has been teaching endodontics at the University of Saskatchewan where he also maintains a private practice.
May 1, 2011 Feature DentistryEndodontics

Endodontic Irrigation:

by Carlos Ochoa, DDS, Gary Glassman, DDS, FRCD(C)

A Tidal Wave For Success

May 1, 2011 Feature DentistryEndodontics


by Oral Health

Re: March 2011 Editorial, ‘Regulating the Regulations’I would like to thank Dr. Goodman for her editorial in this March’s issue of Oral Health. She so eloquently described the feelings of so many dentists across this country and I applaud her.

May 1, 2011 Feature DentistryEndodontics

Self learning, Self assessment 2011 (May 01, 2011)

by Oral Health

We would like to inform readers that 2011 will be the final year of the SLSA program in Oral Health. The program for 2011 will consist of 20 items. We will publish four items every other month with an 8-question

Figure 13
May 1, 2011 Feature Dentistry

IDS 2011 by the Numbers

by Oral Health

Conference Review

May 1, 2011 Feature Dentistry

Dental Internet Directory Listings

by Oral Health

ASSOCIATIONSASSOCIATON OF DENTAL TECHNOLOGIES OF ONTARIOThe official voice of Registered Dental Technologists in Ontariowww.ADTO.orgCANADIAN DENTAL PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATIONBecause bad things happen to good dentists.www.cdpa.comONTARIO ACADEMY OF GENERAL DENTISTRY Quality of care through life long learning.www.ontarioagd.orgTORONTO ACADEMY OF DENTISTRY Toronto Meetings Calendar, CE, Winter

April 25, 2011 News DentistryOral Health

Orascoptic’s Freedom LED Headlight Wins Prestigious Medical Design Award

by Sybron

In the spirit of superior visualization, Orascoptic is proud to announce the new Freedom cordless LED headlight (developed with Product Development firm Bjorksten | bit 7), has won the 2011 Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA). MDEA is the premier awards

April 25, 2011 News DentistryOral Health

Heraeus and Spear Education Collaborate to Enhance Clinical Learning through Application of Leading-edge Dental Products

by Heraeus Kulzer Dental

Two leading companies recently announced a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing the educational experience and clinical proficiencies of dental professionals. Heraeus, the worldwide leader in advancing dental esthetics and overall dental wellbeing, and Spear Education, the preeminent provide of dental

Dr. Jordan Soll is a Diplomate in the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry, Co-Cosmetic Consultant to the Editorial Board of Oral Health. Dental Consultant for CityTV's City Line, and Principle of Aesthetics in Dentistry.
April 1, 2011 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Viewpoint: What Do They Think They Are Missing?

by Jordan Soll, DDS

At 54 years-of-age, I am very fortunate to be the father of a very beautiful and bright 12-year-old daughter – nothing unusual since all fathers feel the same about their children. Our daughter Hunter attends a school where a laptop

April 1, 2011 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Viewpoint: Chasing Beauty

by Joe Bulger, DDS

What is smile beauty? As a cosmetic dentist, I see a beautiful smile as a collection of pleasing features, without any significant flaws that draw attention. Talk about a bland, emotionless response from a left-brain dentist. To explore the beauty

Figure 4C - Lateral smile completed treatment.
April 1, 2011 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Cosmetic Imaging and the Art of Esthetic Case Presentation

by George E. Kirtley, DDS

“So, what do you think?” Hey, it looks fantastic! Can I really look like that? Yes, you can. Great, let’s book it!” It would be awesome if it could always be that easy in a smile consultation. Interestingly it is

Figure 24
April 1, 2011 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Creative Smile Design: The Art Of Temporization

by Elliot Mechanic ,DDS

Why an article on dental temporization? After more than thirty years in dentistry I am thoroughly convinced that a dentist’s ability to create a lifelike functioning provisional is their pathway to achieve beautiful esthetic restorations leading to patient satisfaction. The

Figure 22 - Final
April 1, 2011 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

The Hybrid Bridge-Zirconia Framework Bonding and Veneer Placement for a Congenitally Missing Lateral

by Jack Griffin, DMD MAGD

ABSTRACTThe dental profession continues to advance in cosmetic tooth replacements that are highly esthetic, strong and conservative. Zirconia has proven to ba an excellent choice in esthetic/restorative dentistr because of its high strength and non-metallic color. The hybrid bridge is

Figure 24 - Final
April 1, 2011 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Upgrading Porcelain Veneer Restorations: A Case Report

by Robert A. Lowe, DDS
April 1, 2011 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDentistry

Predictable Strategies for the Baby Boomer Generation

by Jordan Soll, DDS, Trevor Laingchild, RDT, Livia Silvestri, DDS, MSc Perio

Abstract: Busy professionals are trying hard to make every moment count in their daily lives, keeping in mind that as they age (the first baby boomer turned 65 on January 1/2011) they want to keep their appearance youthful for a