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February 1, 2011 News Dental TraumaEndodontics

Of tulips and horizontal root fractures

by ken

Marga Ree is one of the most stellar endodontists in the world.  She works in the Netherlands and shares cases like these online and a courses throughout the globe.  She will be in Toronto at the George Hare Endodontic Study

January 26, 2011 News EndodonticsTrends in Dental Education

One file, one cone – dohn’t compute!!!

by ken

The image below is produced by a technology called microCT.  90 years ago, similar images were produced by ink infusion technology. Dr. Hess in Germany showcased the inordinate complexity of the root canal system and tragically begat the Focal Infection

January 21, 2011 News Cone beam computed tomographyDigital radiographyEndodontics

The certify me, certify you blues….cbCT in endodontic diagnosis..where is Ricky Gervais when you need him?

by ken

by Jason J. Hales D.D.S., M.S. Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is a valuable tool in endodontic diagnosis. The following case illustrates how CBCT provides added diagnostic information not available through traditional 2D imaging. This patient was referred to our

December 23, 2010 News Endodontics

Clinical – Failed revascularization and bleaching (Abiotic staining)

by ken

Last posting of the year……..from a student in Philadelphia who gets the concept of sharing and caring….it’s the information, it’s how we learn best…….comment away mes enfants, the mind you save may be your own. Here is a case of

December 15, 2010 News Endodontics

Long-Term Prognosis of Endodontically Treated Teeth: A Retrospective Analysis of Preoperative Factors in Molars

by ken

Abstract  Introduction Long-term predictability of restored endodontically treated teeth is important for the decision of tooth retention versus extraction and implant placement. The purpose of this study was to validate the hypothesis that preoperative factors can predict the long-term prognosis

December 4, 2010 News EndodonticsImplantology

Vivisection du jour

by ken

For years, I have administrated a series of online discussion forums whose sole purpose has been to learn collegially.  The case presented is from an Estonian dentist, the images are in a MOBILE ME link.  The case references an endo-implant

October 28, 2010 News Cone beam computed tomographyEndodontics

Even Endodontics is 3 Dimensional

by ken

I have a specific prejudice to my discipline and in this case, I wish to share the prejudice and concern beyond continue to question why endodontists and periodontists in Ontario cannot immediately access small FOV cbCT to raise the standard

October 20, 2010 News EndodonticsEvidence based dentistry

The horror, the horror

by ken

My vision for this blog in addition to sharing the important changes in all aspects of our profession is to provide the opportunity to share clinical cases and learn online and in time perhaps develop an Oral Health treatment planning

August 8, 2010 News Endodontics

A Tale of Two biocomplexCITIES – Dr. Terry Pankuk

by ken

   For comment – a blog serves many purposes; increasingly as as social networking becomes part of the culture and fabric of dental education,it will provide literal 24/7/365 interaction on the part of the profession in all its multivariate components.

August 5, 2010 News Endodontics

Shoutout for a Canadian Endude

by ken

Rob Kaufman is an endodontist in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a longtime member of the endodontic forum ROOTS.  Education is his passion and he has manifested his energy through his website EndoExperience which he administers personally.  For those who are interested in

July 22, 2010 News Endodontics

Autotransplantation – nothing to do with GM, Ford or Chrysler

by ken

Shared case from a post-doctoral endodontic student at Einstein Medical Center – a thing of beauty truly.18 y/o male. Med Hx: Non-contributory. Ca(OH)2 placed in #19 (3.6) at first visit to allow for healing. #19 sectioned and extracted. Occlusion of

July 13, 2010 News Endodontics

Blogs, blogs,we got blogs

by ken

2011-12-12 06:25:35

July 7, 2010 News Endodontics

Where’s Waldo?

by ken

Wonderful posting from an endodontic forum by a talented clinician – Javier Pascual……his first language is Spanish, but pictures speak in every language. Asymptomatic tooth. Ortho treatment just finished. Patient is not happy with the color. GP treatment plan: endo

July 6, 2010 News Endodontics

What would you do to treat this case?

by ken

The raw power of the internet is the ability to shift gears on the fly………the blog is in its infancy, we’re following a trodden path………perhaps we need to invent our own path and journey on one not only less travelled,

June 28, 2010 News Endodontics

Malpractice claims in endodontics – Are you surprised?

by ken

A recent study by Givol, Rosen, Taicher & Tsesis, published in the Journal of Endodontics, points out some interesting facts about malpractice claims in endodontics. Image via Wikipedia Endodontic claims are the most frequently filed malpractice claims in dentistry. It

June 11, 2010 News Endodontics

Beyond endodontics: Roots Summit 2010

by ken

BARCELONA, Spain/LEIPZIG, Germany: What do Barcelona and endodontics have in common? For me, the answer was nothing, until last week’s Roots Summit. From now onwards, I will forever connect Gaudí, Paella and La Sagrada Família with root canals. It is

Figure 12-An odontogenic source should be considered in patients with symptoms of maxillary sinusitis who give a history positive for odontogenic infection or dentoalveolar surgery or who are resistant to standard sinusitis therapy.
May 1, 2010 Feature Endodontics

Small Focal Field Volumetric Cone Beam Tomography: The New Standard of Care in Foundational Dentistry?

by Frederic Barnett, DMD, Cert Endo(D), Kenneth S. Serota, DDS, MMSc

In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen, a German physicist, discovered x-rays and in 1896, a New Orleans dentist, C. Edmond Kells, took the first diagnostic x-ray of a dental patient in the United States. In spite of this diagnostic breakthrough, for over

Frederic Barnett
May 1, 2010 Feature Endodontics

EBD = SOC/roi

by Kenneth S. Serota, DDS, MMSc, Frederic Barnett, DMD, Cert Endo (D)

Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic….Arthur C. Clarke

Figure 6-Clinical case treated in the manner described using Twisted Files* to prepare a .08 taper and #40 master apical diameter and obturated with RealSeal One Bonded Obturators.*
May 1, 2010 Feature Endodontics

Principle Driven Cleaning, Shaping and Obturation in Orthograde First-Time Endodontic Treatment

by Richard E. Mounce, DDS and Gary Glassman, DDS

This paper was written to detail, with clinical rationale, the various steps in orthograde first time endodontic treatment of adult teeth with closed apices. The steps detailed are principle driven and will work with virtually any rotary nickel titanium (RNT)

Figure 6
May 1, 2010 Feature Endodontics

ENDO-EZE Tilos Anatomic Endodontic Technology

by Renato de Toledo Leonardo, DDS, MSc., PhD and Richard D. Tuttle, DDS

The evolution of endodontic instrumentation from stainless steel hand files to the intricacies of rotary nickel titanium has advanced the efficiency and predictability of the enlargement of root canals. In recent years, other improvements in instrumentation methods and materials have