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March 8, 2011 News Cone beam computed tomographyDigital radiographyEndodonticsTrends in Dental Education

Retreatment case – looking for other disciplines and/or Dr. Goodbar

by ken

The intention of this blog continues to be the blending of graphics, video and hopefully, soon to be forthcoming – ANIMATION…..as suggested, I’m somewhat access limited to other disciplines – however, there are scads of Canadian dentist who deserve to

March 8, 2011 News Cone beam computed tomographyEndodonticsOrthodontics

ECIR resorption case

by ken

ECIR resorption case…..you can see from the scan where the resorption is limited to…….this is post ortho. I’d repeat the certify me, certify you blues refrain, but last night as I was parking my car, a bullet whizzed by and

March 7, 2011 News Endodontics

Root Perforation Repair

by ken

As an endude, the majority of the material I have access to is related to enduding.  There are TONS of other disciplines on YOU TUBE, but the objective of this little itty bitty piece of the blogosphere is to showcase

March 6, 2011 News EndodonticsTrends in Dental Education

New FullHD video of Piezoelectric Apical Microsurgery

by ken

From ROOTS member Leandro A. P. Pereira ………pssssssst – if you choose to comment, bug Melissa to bug Kim to get a “plug in” for the blog software that will let me embed YOU TUBE CODE!!!!! nudge, nudge, wink, wink,

March 5, 2011 News Endodontics

The Root Canal Anatomy Project – there is magic and wonder in the world

by ken

“The Root Canal Anatomy Project” is being shared with Oral Health and those who enjoy this blog by members of the ROOTS forum. It is my most evanescent hope that others from the dental community in Canada and elsewhere will

March 3, 2011 News EndodonticsEvidence based dentistryGeneral News

Endodontic Parousia; Nullius in Verba

by ken

Lorraine Daston and Katharine Park; two eminent historians who write on the subject of scientific claims note that in the days prior to enlightenment, “the hallmark of the narrow-minded and suspicious peasant, trapped in the bubble of his limited experience”

February 26, 2011 News Cone beam computed tomographyEndodontics

cbct guided decision making on separated instrument case

by ken

2011-12-12 13:49:50

February 21, 2011 News Endodontics

Endodontic retreatment of failing Thermafill obturation

by ken

Before I present this case, I’d like to clarify that many of these entries are obtained by scouring the Internet, looking at primary sources such as Dr. Bicuspid and Dental Tribune and then looking deeper into their resources for addendum

February 20, 2011 News Cone beam computed tomographyDigital radiographyEndodonticsGeneral NewsTradeshows

Certify me, certify you blues – And one I sneaked in cuz the server got wonky – called Case Reports wanted from Canadian dentists

by ken

From Dr. Bicuspid PreXion offers lower radiation CBCT system By DrBicuspid Staff February 18, 2011 — PreXion plans to showcase its new 3D cone-beam CT (CBCT) system, the PreXion3D Elite with CLEARimage scanning technology, at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting next week. The

February 19, 2011 News Endodontics

Taking it to the streets – PART DEUX

by ken

I’d like to reinforce the concept of how this blog can evolve into an e-CASE REPORT section on www.oralhealthjournal.com – won’t get into too many details, however, there is serious discussion with a very well known company that produces extraordinary

February 17, 2011 News EndodonticsImplantologyTrends in Dental Education

The Endodontic Implant Algorithm – figures the Italians would lead the Renaissance

by ken

March 31st to April 2nd, 2011 – Naples Hotel Royal Continental. A boat ride from Capri – can you afford NOT TO ATTEND. ICOI ITALY AND EUROPE present their 2nd International Conference, NOT TO BE MISSED. Multi-disciplinary approach – From

February 13, 2011 News Endodontics

Intellidontic developing new device for dreaded root canal

by ken

Nothing warms the cockles of my aged heart like hearing that under 25’s are taking on the monoliths of the endodontic industry……those anti-social networking, pseudo-Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs underwear wearing suits who are convinced that market drives science and now

February 13, 2011 News Endodontics

Teen dies of illness after root canal

by ken

In the world of sound BY the, increased, theyl-health-specialist/gum-abscess.aspx”>Coping With a Gum Abscess (everydayhealth.com)

February 2, 2011 News Endodontics

The Magic White Powder

by ken

Calcium hydroxide goes in and out of vogue in endodontics more often than Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are in and out of rehab….speaking of rehab, whatever happened to Amy Winehouse? The ROOTS forum had an extended string this week

February 1, 2011 News Dental TraumaEndodontics

Of tulips and horizontal root fractures

by ken

Marga Ree is one of the most stellar endodontists in the world.  She works in the Netherlands and shares cases like these online and a courses throughout the globe.  She will be in Toronto at the George Hare Endodontic Study

January 26, 2011 News EndodonticsTrends in Dental Education

One file, one cone – dohn’t compute!!!

by ken

The image below is produced by a technology called microCT.  90 years ago, similar images were produced by ink infusion technology. Dr. Hess in Germany showcased the inordinate complexity of the root canal system and tragically begat the Focal Infection

January 21, 2011 News Cone beam computed tomographyDigital radiographyEndodontics

The certify me, certify you blues….cbCT in endodontic diagnosis..where is Ricky Gervais when you need him?

by ken

by Jason J. Hales D.D.S., M.S. Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is a valuable tool in endodontic diagnosis. The following case illustrates how CBCT provides added diagnostic information not available through traditional 2D imaging. This patient was referred to our

December 23, 2010 News Endodontics

Clinical – Failed revascularization and bleaching (Abiotic staining)

by ken

Last posting of the year……..from a student in Philadelphia who gets the concept of sharing and caring….it’s the information, it’s how we learn best…….comment away mes enfants, the mind you save may be your own. Here is a case of

December 15, 2010 News Endodontics

Long-Term Prognosis of Endodontically Treated Teeth: A Retrospective Analysis of Preoperative Factors in Molars

by ken

Abstract  Introduction Long-term predictability of restored endodontically treated teeth is important for the decision of tooth retention versus extraction and implant placement. The purpose of this study was to validate the hypothesis that preoperative factors can predict the long-term prognosis

December 4, 2010 News EndodonticsImplantology

Vivisection du jour

by ken

For years, I have administrated a series of online discussion forums whose sole purpose has been to learn collegially.  The case presented is from an Estonian dentist, the images are in a MOBILE ME link.  The case references an endo-implant