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March 16, 2016 Feature DentistryGeneral Practice

Face Mask Performance: Are You Protected?

by John A. Molinari, PhD; Peri Nelson, BS

Published reports in the 1960s investigated reported increases in upper respiratory tract infections in dentists from airborne splashes, spatter, and aerosols generated during use of high-speed handpieces. Later studies also indicated a higher incidence of colds in dental hygienists who

March 15, 2016 News DentistryGeneral PracticeOral Health

Martin Tyas to address IDEM-GC Symposium


Former FDI Science Committee Chair Prof. Martin Tyas will be among five expert speakers to address the IDEM-GC Symposium ‘Towards the Post-Amalgam Era’, to be held on 9 April during IDEM Singapore 2016. His lecture will discuss the origins of

March 15, 2016 News DentistryGeneral PracticeOral HealthPeriodontics

Robert J. Genco to receive 2016 Distinguished Scientist Award from AADR

by Oral Health

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Robert J. Genco, University at Buffalo world-renowned scientist, will receive the Distinguished Scientist Award from the American Association for Dental Research (AADR). The prestigious award, presented once every two years, recognizes Genco for his outstanding contributions to

March 11, 2016 News General PracticeMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

OneRepublic to Perform During SIROWORLD 2016: The Ultimate Dental Meeting

by Oral Health

The Grammy-Award nominated band set to deliver an astounding live concert at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida. CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Dentsply Sirona Inc., The Dental Solutions Company™, announced recently that the Grammy-Award nominated band, OneRepublic, will perform during

March 10, 2016 News DentalDentistryGeneral PracticeMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

Henry Schein ‘Graduates’ 17 Dental Practice Owners Following Completion Of The Company’s First Business Institute

by Oral Health

Practitioners Looking to Grow their Business and Enhance Management Skills Received Interactive Business Acumen Training With Program Partner Simulation Studio MELVILLE, N.Y., Henry Schein, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSIC), the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental,

March 10, 2016 News DentalDental LaboratoriesDentistryGeneral Practice

Henry Schein Sponsors 10th Annual Senior Dental Leaders Programme In London

by Henry Schein, Inc.

Conference Forges Global Network of Senior Oral Health Leaders to Advance the Mission of a Cavity-Free World for Children MELVILLE, N.Y., Henry Schein, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSIC), the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, animal

March 9, 2016 Feature DentistryGeneral Practice

Formaldehyde in Dentistry: The Irrational Fear of a Human Endogenous Substance

by Pasquale Duronio, DDS

ABSTRACT The world has seen many problems with man-made chemicals such as thalidomide, PCB’s, DDT etc. In many people, this has sparked a fear of all chemicals, including many that are naturally occurring. Members of the scientific community are not

March 9, 2016 Feature DentistryGeneral Practice

The Pendulum Has Swung ­– Conservative Veneer Preparations Are Back

by Tony Mancuso

It seems that the pendulum has swung back to conservatism when it comes to veneer preparations. Back in 1987 when I restored my first veneer case it was a no-prep case.1 That was the standard back then. Some minor modifications

March 9, 2016 Feature DentistryGeneral PracticeProsthodontics

Digital Complete Dentures: Improving Quality Of Removable Prosthesis While Decreasing Number of Appointments

by Mark Lin, BSc, DDS, MSc (Prostho), FRCD(C)

Utilization of the complete dentures as a viable tooth replacement option historically dates back over 50 years until present time. Dating back to 700 BC, dentures in Europe and Asia were made of human or animal teeth. In the 1700’s,

March 9, 2016 News DentalDental TechnologyGeneral PracticeMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

American Eagle Instruments wins the Pennwell RDH Reader’s Choice “Game Changer Award”

by Oral Health

Missoula, Mont., American Eagle Instruments, Inc. (AEI) recently received the Pennwell RDH Reader’s Choice “Game Changer Award.” This award is presented by RDH Magazine and is tabulated based on clinician votes. The “Game Changer Award” is defined as any product or

March 8, 2016 News Cosmetic / AestheticDentalDentistryGeneral PracticeGeriatric DentistryOral Health

Oral Health Group presents “Canada Rocks” event during AACD Toronto April 29th, 2016

by Oral Health

Oral Health Group is proud to invite you to “Canada Rocks” a dental party that is being held in Toronto on Friday, April 29th. Come and party with us at Lee’s Palace in downtown Toronto, on Friday, April 29th from

March 8, 2016 News DentalDentistryGeneral PracticeImplantology

Antidepressants linked to tooth implant failure, new study finds

by University at Buffalo

Side effects of antidepressants, the second most prescribed drug in America, weaken bone growth, a crucial factor for implant success BUFFALO, N.Y. – Antidepressants, commonly used to treat anxiety, pain and other disorders, may play a role in dental implant

March 7, 2016 Feature DentistryGeneral Practice

Digital Dream or Digital Denial – CEREC Fundamentals and Workflow

by Dr. Bobby Chagger

In the many years since the 1985 CEREC introduction led by Dr. Werner Mormann, we have seen digital dentistry grow. Digital dentistry allows for the utilization of technology and material advances to provide exceptional dental care, a diversified treatment philosophy,

March 7, 2016 Feature DentistryGeneral Practice

Xylitol: Natural Sweetener It may also be good for your teeth.

by Deborah Wilson, DDS

What Is It? Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener that is found in agricultural and forest products, (e.g. raspberries, plums and cauliflower), and it is produced by the human body during its normal metabolism of glucose at the rate of

March 7, 2016 Feature DentistryGeneral Practice

Chewing, Biting, Clenching, Bruxing and Oral Health

by Licia Coceani Paskay, MS, CCC-SLP

ABSTRACT Studies published in the last decade suggest that chewing (or mastication) and other chewing-like activities such  as biting, clenching and bruxing, are involved in regulating bone growth, development and maintenance, reducing stress, increasing attention, contributing to better cognition, stabilizing

March 3, 2016 News DentistryGeneral PracticeOral HealthPublic Health

World Oral Health Day Growing in Impact

by FDI World Dental Federation

With event notifications from as far afield as Australia and Pakistan and Cambodia and Chile, early figures suggest wide outreach for the World Oral Health Day 2016 campaign among FDI members, dental students and private practitioners. The messages really hit

March 1, 2016 News DentalDentistryGeneral PracticeOral Health

Dental Marketing Conference Presents New Ideas in Marketing for 2016

by Dentistry Business

On February 26, 2016, Toronto – Dentists got an up-close look at the newest marketing topics, tools and techniques at the Dental Marketing Conference in Toronto last week. The conference was held at the University of Toronto’s Bahen Centre for

March 1, 2016 Feature DentistryGeneral Practice

The Time Of The Testimonial

by Dr. Janice Goodman

Online reputation from testimonials are said to be more important now than the old gold standard, word of mouth. Affinity, authenticity, relevance, video leverage, testimonial triggers are some of the new lingo. My email inbox is inundated with marketers trying

February 29, 2016 News General PracticeOral Health

Dentsply Sirona: Merger Creates The Dental Solutions Company™

by Dentsply Sirona Inc.

YORK, PA (USA)/SALZBURG (AUSTRIA),  Dentsply Sirona Inc. (NASDAQ: XRAY) today announced that it has successfully completed the merger of equals between DENTSPLY International Inc. (“Dentsply”) and Sirona Dental Systems, Inc. (“Sirona”). The merger of DENTSPLY, the market leader in dental

February 23, 2016 News Dental HygieneDentistryGeneral PracticeOral Health

Teenage Oral Wasteland: Why They Shouldn’t Give Their Mouth The ‘Brush-Off’

by Oral Health

Anaida Deti, owner and CEO of DentalX, and registered dental hygienist, explains why it’s so important for adolescents to maintain proper dental hygiene and offers easy tips to having a smile worth showing off TORONTO, ON—teenagers take great pride in