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December 12, 2013 News Electronic Health Records

Party of Three

by lorne

As many dentists are well aware, there are numerous integrated technology systems that are part of the modern dental practice. Few will argue that the Practice Management Software (PMS) is the most important component, as it ties many of these

October 10, 2013 News Electronic Health Records

The Paperless Practice: Your Most Burning Questions Answered

by lorne

What is your definition of a “paperless practice?” I’ve actually never been a huge fan of the term “paperless practice” as I think it’s extremely difficult, especially for an existing practice, to completely eliminate all paper. Whether it’s insurance forms,

September 12, 2013 News Cloud computingElectronic Health RecordsEncryption

Seven Deadly Sins

by lorne

Seven Deadly Sins?   Many offices are now moving towards a chartless or even paperless environment. Practice management data, images, accounting data, documents, almost all of the critical data for the office is in an electronic format. The challenge for

February 14, 2013 News Digital radiographyElectronic Health Records

Bundle of Joy

by lorne

In recent OHJ posts, we evaluated the different systems of digital radiography available to the modern dental practice. We have looked at the differences between the sensors and phosphor plate systems, focusing on the raw data and suitability of both

February 5, 2013 News Data storageElectronic Health RecordsEncryptionNew Technologies

I Got Your “Back”

by lorne

For offices that are using practice management software and digital imaging, the need to have a proper backup protocol in place is absolutely critical. Few offices would be able to easily recover from the loss of their most important data,

November 5, 2012 News Dental TeamElectronic Health RecordsNew dentistsNew grads

New Rules of Marketing, Part 1

by lorne

So, you’re the owner of a dental practice and you are trying to figure out the best steps to get on to Facebook to drive new patients. It can be a daunting task and with little extra time in the

September 20, 2012 News Computer softwareElectronic Health RecordsPractice managementTechnology

The “Third” Wheel

by lorne

As many dentists are well aware, there are numerous integrated technology systems that are part of the modern dental practice. Few will argue that the Practice Management Software (PMS) is the most important component, as it ties many of these

August 9, 2012 News Digital radiographyElectronic Health Records

Digital Sensors

by lorne

Over the past few columns of  this blog, we have examined many of the factors that go into upgrading the practice towards a chartless system. While many of these concepts are important in the planning stages, it is apparent that

July 16, 2012 News Electronic Health RecordsNew dentistsNew gradsPractice managementPrivacy issuesTechnology

Paperless Practice

by lorne

Most dental practices have come to realize how quickly technology has become part of everyday life in the practice. Nowhere is this more evident than with practices that are trying to become completely paperless.The challenge for most offices is to

July 6, 2012 News Cloud computingData storageElectronic Health RecordsEncryptionNew Technologies

Up in the Cloud

by lorne

As anyone who has to use technology daily knows (and that applies to everyone reading this article!), technology is a quickly moving target. Technologies that seemed so fresh and new just a few short years ago now seem passé and

June 22, 2012 News BlogsConnectivityElectronic Health RecordsMarketing strategiesNew dentistsNew gradsNew productsPractice managementSearch engineSocial mediaSocial networking

World Wide Web

by lorne

Is Your Website Really Working? The world of websites and online marketing can be confusing. Dentists and their staff often feel like their website could be doing more for them, but aren’t quite sure how to determine this or what

May 31, 2012 News Data storageElectronic Health RecordsNew dentistsNew gradsPractice management

The “Lap” of Luxury?

by lorne

In my last blog post, we explored the features of a server and how to choose one for a dental office. When it comes to the operatory, in recent years, many companies are recommending laptops as an alternative to the typical operatory

May 10, 2012 News Computer softwareElectronic Health RecordsRadiologyTechnology

Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse

by lorne

Close to 50% of all dentists in North America are using digital x-rays, either hard sensors or phosphor plate systems. While we tend to spend a lot of time agonizing over the choice of which systems to get, many dentists fail to

April 1, 2012 News Dental AssociationsElectronic Health RecordsEncryptionGovernanceGovernment regulationsPosition paperPrivacy issuesTransparency

Once more into the breach mes enfants – ENCRYPTION IN ONTARIO!

by ken

I’ve forgotten how many times an entry has asked for clarity, transparency, openness from the members of the committee appointed by the RCDSO to address this issue, however, the GUIDELINES are out and in all candour, frankfurterness, I haven’t a

February 19, 2012 News Electronic Health RecordsEncryption


by ken

It’s coming……….begin the process……….know what to expect, contact your PMS vendor and ask what they are doing in anticipation of the forth or fifthcoming RCDSO mandate in Ontario and the inevitability of the requirements for all dental offices in Canada

February 7, 2012 News Electronic Health RecordsEncryption

Who knows who owns the data; only the shadow knows….

by ken

From Larry Emmott’s newsletter Feb 2012 and other resources………time to start making inquiries…… Who owns the digital records you keep; who owns the data. I bring this up because EHR is “here” in Canada, paperless is no longer just a

January 29, 2012 News Electronic Health RecordsEncryption

Repetition is the curse of the doctor-patient engagement

by ken

How many times as a doctor do you ask the same questions over and over again as part of the routine process of taking a history from your patient? And how often as a patient do you have to answer those same questions each time you see

January 28, 2012 News Electronic Health Records

Mandate, Schmandate, There Are the Obstacles to Digital Health Records!

by ken

By Katherine Hobson, Health Blog – Washington Post – extrapolate this to dentistry, stand on one foot, spin around a half a dozen times and then say “boondoggle”…… What’s standing in the way of the wider spread of health IT? Plenty

January 15, 2012 News Electronic Health RecordsEncryption

Digitizing Health Records, Before It Was Cool

by ken

It will be cool to digitize health records and encrypt correspondence, as it will invariably lead to a safer office environment and hopefully make it easier to create a dental educational Internet; however, I remain insistent that mandating it before

December 24, 2011 News APPsCloud computingComputer softwareData storageElearningElectronic Health RecordsEncryption

Visual communications solutions

by ken

Not sure why, but I tend to avoid banner ads……mistake in this case – http://www.servdentist.com/products_overview.en.html Banner at the top of the OHJ website – reviewed on the fly, but once the site came up – WOW!!!  We are blessed here