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October 14, 2015 News Community Dental CareDental CareGeneral NewsManagementOverall HealthPatient ManagementPublic Relations - Patient Care

The New Patient Call

by Kahaliah Richards

Turning inquiries into appointments.. Dental  administration team members are truly the “Directors of the First Impression” for new patients, and they have approximately 17 seconds to “make it or break it.” Many new patient phone calls start with the patient

October 7, 2015 News General DentistryGeneral NewsInsuranceMedical newsOverall HealthTreatment PlanTreatment planning

Does My Insurance Cover It?

by Kahaliah Richards

The number one reason patients do not accept treatment plans is lack of perceived value; how the dental treatment plan or recommendations will relate to them or their individual health goals. The lack of value is often expressed by patients

October 1, 2015 News Dental CareDental HygieneGeneral NewsMedical newsOrthodontics

The composition of the dental plaque matters

by Kahaliah Richards

Dental plaque (the biofilm) is remarkably stable in its composition of microbes despite mechanical abrasion (tooth cleaning and flossing) and dental cleanings by the hygiene team. But once it becomes unstable (a process called dysbiosis), dental disease (dental decay or

September 29, 2015 News Dental CareDental HygieneGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsOverall Health

Gum disease and high blood pressure

by Kahaliah Richards

A new, 3-year prospective Japanese study involving over 2500 university students (mean age of 18 years at baseline) examined various risk factors for the emergence of high blood pressure (hypertension). The study found that amongst a group of students who

September 29, 2015 News Computer softwareConnectivityDental CareGeneral NewsSearch engineSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingTechnologyWebsites

Avoid Negative SEO Tactics to Maintain Website Search Rankings

by Kahaliah Richards

Search ranking algorithms of leading search engines such as Google and Bing have become highly sophisticated in recent years. It is no longer a wise move to indulge in negative SEO tactics in the hope of pushing up search rankings

September 23, 2015 News Community Dental CareDental CareDental industryGeneral DentistryGum Disease

Getting ready for the grey hairs

by Kahaliah Richards

“British Columbia’s population now has 31 people 65 years old or over for every 100 working-age persons. In a decade, the ratio will be 41 to 100. Ten years later, in 2035, the ratio will be 48 to 100, according

September 10, 2015 News Dental CareGeneral NewsManagementPatient educationPublic Relations - Patient CareTreatment planning

What Your Older Patients Are Thinking & Wanting

by Kahaliah Richards

When I was surveying adults in the waiting rooms of dental practices in the UK some time ago, I wondered if these patients wanted to participate in the assessment of their future oral health. So I added a question to

September 9, 2015 News BlogsConnectivityDental CareGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsManagementMarketing strategiesOffice ManagementPatient educationPatient ManagementPractice managementSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingTechnologyWebinarsWebsites

5 Ways to Attract New Patients to your Practice

by Kahaliah Richards

Modern vector template for your business project

September 8, 2015 News Dental CareDental industryDental practice transitionDental TeamGeneral NewsManagementOffice ManagementPractice management

Core Team Decision Making

by Kahaliah Richards

Do you have positive influencers in your practice? We continue from last week by considering the strategic type of decision making when implementing change into your practice. Decision Style – Core Team decision making: The leader trusts and depends on

August 31, 2015 News BlogsDental CareGeneral NewsManagementMarketing strategiesOffice ManagementSocial mediaSocial networkingSocial NetworkingWebsites

How to Maximize Favorable Visitor Response to your Website?

by Kahaliah Richards

Your dental website will probably have a call-to-action to encourage visitors to fill a form, leave a comment, or call up your office for an inquiry or appointment. You can try to maximize visitor response in your favor, if you

August 31, 2015 News General DentistryGeneral NewsOffice ManagementPractice management

Great Practice Marketing Is Your Competitive Advantage

by Kahaliah Richards

“5 Success Factors To Better Compete” For many dental offices, the business year correlates to the calendar year. Here we are at Q4 and it’s time to be strategizing and executing on business growth initiatives to finish the year strong,

August 20, 2015 News Dental CareGeneral NewsOverall HealthPreventive Dentistry

Diabetes, hypertension and the need for more preventive dental care

by Kahaliah Richards

As many as 1 in 4 older Canadians are diabetic, or in danger of this chronic disease. Likewise, more than 1 in 4 older Canadians have high blood pressure. The overlap of these conditions is common and makes for a

August 13, 2015 News Community Dental CareDental CareDental industryGeneral NewsTooth decayWellness

Floss or Brush First?

by Kahaliah Richards

Essentially, we don’t know which hygiene procedure should be done first, nor for that matter, whether flossing has any preventive effect on dental decay. Read this quick review by the New York Times about the limited evidence to support flossing.

August 10, 2015 News ConnectivityDental industryGeneral NewsOffice ManagementPractice managementPublic Relations - Patient CareSocial mediaSocial networkingWebsites

Why You Need a Responsive Web Design for Your Practice Website: Top 5 Advantages of Responsive Web Design (RWD)

by Kahaliah Richards
August 4, 2015 News General DentistryGeneral NewsManagementOverall HealthPractice management

Dental spending is a significant to Canadian employers

by Kahaliah Richards

Recently, I reviewed the spending on healthcare benefits by a mid-sized Canadian employer. In particular, I looked at the dental plan and the drug plan. Here is what I found: dental spending grew by 12% over the past year at

July 30, 2015 News Dental CareGeneral NewsSocial mediaSocial networkingWebsites

The dentist called Dr. Facebook

by Kahaliah Richards

A survey about how Americans prefer to access their healthcare providers shows a gap between what the community wants and what the healthcare providers offer. Most patients want digital access to healthcare advice,says this survey: We communicate with our friends,

July 27, 2015 News General NewsSocial networkingWebsites

Measuring Results of your Content Marketing Efforts

by Kahaliah Richards

While you make online content marketing efforts to promote your dental practice, it is also important to assess where your marketing campaign is going and what kind of an impact it is making to help achieve your marketing goals. Use

July 23, 2015 News Community Dental CareGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsMedical newsOverall Health

The BIG issue: Affordability

by Kahaliah Richards

A recent survey of American adults found that 1 in 4 did not purchase needed dental care last year, because they couldn’t afford this service. Dentistry was, amongst all healthcare services, the least affordable (see chart).   And this was

July 22, 2015 News General NewsMedical newsOverall HealthWellness

Predicting who will get sick — just what the patients want

by Kahaliah Richards

American insurers are now using sophisticated computer algorithms to predict who, amongst their clients, will require early re-admission to hospital or who will have difficulties with their diabetes. For those who are predicted to get sick (again), the insurers offer

July 16, 2015 News BlogsDental industryElearningGeneral NewsMarketing strategiesPatient educationSocial mediaSocial networkingTechnologyWebsitesYouTube

How to Achieve High Rankings in Facebook Search?

by Kahaliah Richards

With over a billion active monthly users, Facebook continues to be the social media behemoth that is hard to ignore. Small businesses and professionals can leverage the power of Facebook to their marketing advantage. Many people use Facebook Graphic Search