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January 27, 2015 News Dental CareDental TeamGeneral NewsPatient ManagementPublic Relations - Patient Care

What makes a good dental professional?

by Kahaliah Richards

In his blog titled An Ounce of Prevention, Dr. Ashish Jha of the Harvard Medical School recently reported on his twitter poll of “what makes the best doctor.” The results had very little to do with health outcomes or technical

January 14, 2015 News General DentistryGeneral NewsManagementOffice ManagementPublic Relations - Patient CareSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingTechnology

Jameson Report 2015 Dental Marketing Trends You Need to Know

by Kahaliah Richards

2015 Dental Marketing Trends You Need to Know By Andrea Walker-Chief Creative Officer & Susanne Kimball, Chief CS Marketing Officer Every year marketing evolves and the rules of the web change. That leaves dental professionals like you wondering where to

January 12, 2015 News Computer softwareDental CareGeneral NewsOverall HealthTechnology

Is your Dental Practice Ready for Digital Transformation?

by Kahaliah Richards

A majority of large, medium and small organizations as well as professional practices have recognized the importance of digital transformation to stay ahead in the information age. It is time to take a close look at your dental marketing approach

January 9, 2015 News Cosmetic DentistryDental CareGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsOverall Health

Top Smile Trends for 2015 Revealed

by Kahaliah Richards

Some trend predictions for smiles and cosmetic dentistry according to Dr. Harvey Silverman, creator of the EasySmile LifeLike Veneer System, an innovative, non-invasive new method for achieving better smiles. According to Dr. Harvey Silverman– Top Smile Enhancement Trends predicted for

January 8, 2015 News Dental CareGeneral DentistryGeneral News

1 in 7 prefer divorce over visiting the dentist

by Kahaliah Richards

This was one result from a recent survey of UK adults. While the poor state of oral health in the UK is well known, would the results be any different in Canada when it comes to eagerness to visit the

December 23, 2014 News Community outreachDental CareDental industryGeneral NewsOverall Health

Colgate® “Destination Innovation” Discovery Bus Tours Drive Attendance of Over 100 Dental Professionals During 2014 Greater New York Dental Meeting

by Kahaliah Richards

Dentists and Hygienists Explore the Company’s Global Research & Technology Center While Learning Directly from Colgate® Experts  New York, NY – Colgate®’s “Destination Innovation” Discovery Bus tours recently provided over 100 dentists and hygienists the opportunity to visit the company’s

December 2, 2014 News Chronic dental care for the elderlyGeneral NewsMedical newsWellness

“longer life in retirement – but more ill-health”

by Kahaliah Richards

Such is the future of the British population and that in Canada too. The UK prognosticators now say: Newly retired men in the UK can expect to live more than two years longer than those who finished work a decade

November 27, 2014 News Dental CareFinancesGeneral DentistryGeneral News

Affordability and dental incomes

by Kahaliah Richards

A recent article in the New York Times resurrected an old chestnut: the affordability of dental care in an aging population. Have a look below at how the NY Times’ cartoonist sees this issue! Enough said This got me thinking

November 25, 2014 News Dental CareGeneral NewsOffice ManagementPractice managementPublic Relations - Patient CareTreatment planning

3 Time-Saving PR Tips for the Busy Dentist

by Kahaliah Richards

The digital revolution has ensured that most of the public relations activities are carried out online. It increases the reach dramatically and reduces the costs of a PR exercise to nearly zilch. However, PR activities can still be time-consuming, and

November 20, 2014 News Dental CareGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsOverall HealthPatient education

What your older patients are thinking about

by Kahaliah Richards

According to PBS’ newsletter to aging Americans, 5 things which cause your older patients ongoing concern are: declining memory increased loneliness and isolation big debts and little savings risk of illness death It seems to me that a successful dental

November 18, 2014 News Dental CareFluorideGeneral NewsKeeping you guessingMedical newsOverall Health

Why do we fluoridate water? Isn’t it dangerous?

by Kahaliah Richards

Fluoridation – the addition of fluoride to municipal water supplies to prevent dental caries – is one of great public health achievements of the 20th century. Fluoridation is also the inspiration for all manner of conspiracy theories, such as it

October 29, 2014 News Dental industryGeneral NewsInsuranceOverall Health

Taking a different perspective

by Kahaliah Richards

In a recent meeting with some dental benefit brokers and one insurance company, this thorny question came up: Can Canadian insurers and benefit consultants switch to making money from dental health rather than from making money from dental disease? In

October 23, 2014 News General NewsMedical newsOverall HealthWellness

Why 60 is not the new 50!

by Kahaliah Richards

This intriguing statement recently appeared on the PBS newsletter for older Americans called Next Avenue. (I recommend you subscribe to Next Avenue to better understand  your aging community — it is free.) The article reported there are two different groups

October 20, 2014 News Dental CareEndodonticsGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsMedical news

Celebrity Spaces: Dr. Gary Glassman

by Kahaliah Richards

It is not unusual for dentist Dr. Gary Glassman (www.rootcanals.ca/www.drgaryglassman.com) to speak at the Society of Aesthetic Dentistry in Romania, or run a course called Train the Trainer in Prague. He is also involved as a professor in the new

October 9, 2014 News General NewsMedical newsPublic SpeakingWellness

AIDSbeat 2014

by Kahaliah Richards

Please join us as we kick off AIDSbeat this year.  We will be opening the night at 8pm. Here are a couple of videos from last year: SoSumi – Foo Fighters (Cover) SoSumi (Pearl Jam Cover) Click below for tickets

September 29, 2014 News AnatomyDental HygieneGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsOverall Health

Extreme Exercise and oral Health

by Kahaliah Richards

Next time you avoid exercising just say you were doing it for the benefit of your oral health. Physical exercise is considered to be good for just about all elements of health and well being, however a recent study has

September 24, 2014 News Dental CareDental industryGeneral NewsMedical news

Dental care is too expensive!

by Kahaliah Richards

This is the most common comment I get on social media, and it is the focus of a new report on improving the affordability of care to large/growing segments of Canadian society. This report argued rather weakly that more public

September 18, 2014 News Dental TeamGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsOverall HealthTeam motivation

The Secret To High Performing Teams Revealed!

by Kahaliah Richards

Do you ever wonder why your team isn’t performing at the level you envisioned?  No matter what you do it seems as if there’s a missing piece to the ‘perfect team’ formula.  With each new hire you’re hopeful, but you

September 18, 2014 News Dental CareDental HygieneGeneral NewsMedical news


by Kahaliah Richards

The Gum Guardians believe dental professionals can be perceived as “healers” rather than “cleaners” by using  9 questions to guide their patient discussions. By initiating conversations with patients during dental visits that reinforce their role as gatekeepers for their patients’

September 16, 2014 News Dental CareGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsOverall Health

Dental Tourism: An Untapped Revenue Opportunity

by Kahaliah Richards

According to Patients Beyond Borders, about 1.2 million Americans will travel abroad for health and dental care in 2014. Commonly called “dental tourism,” the news media is promoting how patients can save money on dental work done in Mexico and