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One is a lonely number

by ken

Since this blog began, its focus has been to determine what those who visit it some 8.5K times a month want to read. Clinical content is by far the #1 area of interest. Unfortunately, a simplistic mechanism to ensure an

April 10, 2012 News ClinicalGovernanceRadiologyTransparency

Uh oh!! First single file endo, now Arianna – the insanity does not stop!!

by ken

Dental X-rays may help dentists collect essential information about oral health, but a new study is raising questions about their safety. The new research links regular dental imaging to one of the most common types of brain tumors and suggests adults

April 4, 2012 News Dental AssociationsGeneral NewsGovernanceTransparency

Woodward and Bernstein and Elmore James got nothin’ on this! Meet Dr. Natalie Archer

by ken

This is a very revealing insight into the heart of darkness in the governance of dentistry in Ontario. You be the judge. It’s been suggested that I contribute further content in a journalistic manner………not really necessary – I have to

April 1, 2012 News Dental AssociationsElectronic Health RecordsEncryptionGovernanceGovernment regulationsPosition paperPrivacy issuesTransparency

Once more into the breach mes enfants – ENCRYPTION IN ONTARIO!

by ken

I’ve forgotten how many times an entry has asked for clarity, transparency, openness from the members of the committee appointed by the RCDSO to address this issue, however, the GUIDELINES are out and in all candour, frankfurterness, I haven’t a

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The power of social media

by ken

I sincerely hope that the reason for sharing this YOU TUBE video with dentists is understood. We are so incredibly fortunate to do what we do.  We are autonomous, even the insanity of the “ya can’t treat your spouse” law

December 23, 2011 News Dental industryGovernanceGovernment regulationsTradeshowsTransparency

This has nothing whatsoever to do with Chanukah…

by ken

Dentistry does not exist in a parallel universe to the rest of humanity – it will either learn to extrapolate, iterate, evolutionate, migrate, or potentiate or it will constipate, obfuscate, and obliterate it’s capacity to keep abreast of the rapidly