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February 21, 2011 News ImplantologyTradeshows

Straumann – IDS Internationale Dental Schau www.ids.com

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DO VISIT STRAUMANN’S website Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions represents a complete dental solution, from digital impression-taking using intra-oral scanning to the computerized production of prosthetics using state-of-the-art CAM processing. Each individual step is well-coordinated, seamlessly interlocking and is designed for

February 21, 2011 News Implantology

IDS 2011 – Wilkommen – Nobel Biocare

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As the world leader in innovative restorative, and esthetic dental solutions, Nobel Biocare proudly offers the most comprehensive dental restorative and implant product lines in the world. Our latest innovation – NobelClinician™ software – the next generation of digital diagnostics

February 21, 2011 News Implantology

DENTSPLY Friadent’s long-term treatment success under the IDS banner

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Solutions for every individual case “from root to crown”: DENTSPLY Friadent offers a comprehensive portfolio, from the pinpoint accurate digital planning, through the stable base for implantation, right up to the esthetic completion of the treatment. This complete concept is

February 17, 2011 News Cone beam computed tomographyDental LaboratoriesImplantologyTrends in Dental Education

Inside Dental Technology – time to be SERIOUS

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TechEdge – Dental Aegis A New Breed Opportunities abound for the pioneering technologist with specialized education and knowledge. It is uncertain how a shrinking dental laboratory industry will restructure to combat the pressures of being overtaken by big-store manufacturers, off-shore

February 17, 2011 News EndodonticsImplantologyTrends in Dental Education

The Endodontic Implant Algorithm – figures the Italians would lead the Renaissance

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March 31st to April 2nd, 2011 – Naples Hotel Royal Continental. A boat ride from Capri – can you afford NOT TO ATTEND. ICOI ITALY AND EUROPE present their 2nd International Conference, NOT TO BE MISSED. Multi-disciplinary approach – From

February 15, 2011 News Implantology

And what about endodontics – sob………….!!!!!!!

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According to Millennium Research Group (MRG), the global authority on medical technology market intelligence, standouts in surgical procedures in terms of growth over the next five years are going to be dental implant, facial injectable, optical coherence tomography (OCT) catheter,

February 13, 2011 News Implantology

Journal of Dental Research releases large studies on osteonecrosis of the jaw

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February 11, 2011 Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) is a debilitating bone condition that affects the jaws and occurs as a result of reduced local blood supply to the bone. The literature in this area has been severely limited since

February 5, 2011 News Implantology

Crown-to-Implant Ratios of Short-Length Implants

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Hardeep Birdi, DMD, MS John Schulte, DDS, MSD Alejandro Kovacs, DDS, MS Meghan Weed, RDH Sung-Kiang Chuang, DMD,MD Journal of Oral Implantology Vol. XXXVI/No. Six/2010 Excessive crown-implant ratios have been cited in the literature as being detrimental to long term implant survival. However, unfavorable

January 29, 2011 News ImplantologyTrends in Dental Education

Je tiens à l’aide de mes collègues au Québec en favorisant leur événement majeur dentaires mai.

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I must admit to finding it disheartening that www.odq.qc.ca takes me to a page that requires a magnifying glass to find the link to convert it to English, but in the realpolitik of the world in which we live, I felt it

January 16, 2011 News Implantology

Automated dental implantation using image-guided robotics: registration results

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2011-12-12 13:42:57

January 9, 2011 News CAD/CAMCone beam computed tomographyImplantologyPeriodontology

Clinical Case – Hard Tissue and Soft Tissue Augmentation

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This case from Dr. William Cohen of St. Louis, Missouri was presented to the members of osseou@ls.rxdentistry.com – www.osseouniversity.com. It sequentially demonstrates a pre and post autogenous block graft, a connective tissue graft (preliminary and post block scans taken, fixtures

December 21, 2010 News Implantology

Bone Substitute: The Search for the “Perfect” Grafting Material

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By Dr. David Rosen – from Dental Compare With the possible exception of implant fixtures (and their prosthetic attachments), no area in periodontics has proliferated so rapidly as periodontal regeneration materials. Today commercial preparations are marketed almost as soon as

December 4, 2010 News EndodonticsImplantology

Vivisection du jour

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For years, I have administrated a series of online discussion forums whose sole purpose has been to learn collegially.  The case presented is from an Estonian dentist, the images are in a MOBILE ME link.  The case references an endo-implant

November 18, 2010 News Implantology

UH OH!!!!!!!!!!

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AZ looks to sell off Astra Tech dental and devices unit WORLD NEWS | NOVEMBER 17, 2010 KEVIN GROGAN AstraZeneca has reportedly hired JPMorgan to find buyers for its Astra Tech business,the sale of which could bring in $2 billion. The

October 24, 2010 News Implantology

Look for soups, beets, asparagus and tuna fish in distended cans

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Because the majority of dental implant patients are older and have facial aging, dentists may want to consider the benefits of rejuvenation techniques such as Botox to maximize the cosmetic outcomes of the procedure, according to a presentation at the

October 21, 2010 News Implantology

Dental Implant Market in Canada Experiences 5.6% Growth in 2009 While US Market Declines by 4.2%

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While Canada Typically Mimics the US Trends in the North American Dental Implant Market, Last Year Saw a Change, according to Millennium Research Group TORONTO, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ — According to Millennium Research Group (MRG), the global authority on medical

October 12, 2010 News Implantology

Explosive Growth in Dental Implants and CAD/CAM

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According to new dental reports by iData Research, the U.S. market for dental implants is expected to regain double-digit growth by 2013, and will help drive the dental prosthetic market to reach over 82 million prosthetic placements by 2016. In addition, the dental

August 12, 2010 News Implantology

Mike Pikos “is movin’ on up…..”

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PALM HARBOR, FL, August 11, 2010 /Dental PR News/ — World-renowned oral surgeon and educator Michael A. Pikos, DDS, (www.DrMichaelAPIkos.com) has chosen Safety Harbor Resort and Spa as the new home for The Pikos Implant Institute. “We are very pleased to

August 1, 2010 News Implantology

Ladders, Layers and Leadership

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Jul 29, 2010 | USA – Dental Tribune Implant education for the dental team to be available online The Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries (ADIA) will offer a Dental Team Implant Certification Program on 27 August in Hamburg, Germany. In an

August 1, 2010 Feature Implantology

Anterior Overlay for Simplified Anterior Design

by Dr. Jeffrey Caso, DDS and Dr. Peter Gardell, DDS

Every day, the restorative dentist is faced with a great many challenges. Patient demands, esthetic concerns, parafunctional habits, pain management and a plethora of other obstacles need to be identified and addressed so that we can reliably do our jobs.