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Dr. Nicolucci is president of the Canadian Society of Oral Implantology and is Oral Health magazine's editorial board member for Implantology.
August 1, 2013 Feature DentistryImplantology

To Premedicate or Not to Premedicate – That is the Question!

by Dr. Blake Nicolucci

Prophylactic antibiotic coverage has been a very controversial topic in the profession over the years. There seems to be little ‘scientific data’ to support the current protocols for antibiotic coverage — as it pertains to premedication for heart surgeries and

Figure 13. A nine year post operative x-ray with no clinical complication.
August 1, 2013 Feature DentistryImplantology

Stress Treatment Theorem for Implant Dentistry: The Key to Implant Treatment Plans

by Carl E. Misch, BS, DDS, MDS, PhD (hc)

Dentistry is a unique aspect of medicine, blending science and art form. Some aspects of the dental field emphasize the art form, as in dental esthetics, which deals with tooth color and shape to enhance a patient’s smile and overall

Figure 30. Final results: Patients' expectations met.
August 1, 2013 Feature Implantology

Bone Reduction Guide, Virtual Extractions and Stereolithographic Working Model

by Dr. Gilbert Tremblay, B.Sc., DMD

A Study of Two Cases

Figure 4H. Post-operative image after flap closure and suturing.
August 1, 2013 Feature DentistryImplantology

Peri-Implantitis: Treatment Options

by Mark Nicolucci, BSc, DDS, MS, FRCD(C)

Peri-implantitis has been defined as a localized lesion involving bone loss around an osseointegrated implant.1 Its prevalence has been widely reported4 depending on the chosen threshold and specific study, varying from as low as two percent2 to as high as

Figure 21. Beautiful soft tissue profile
August 1, 2013 Feature DentistryImplantology

Biomechanical and Clinical Attributes of Zirconia Dental Implants- Two Case Reports


INTRODUCTIONThe last three decades have seen an increase in the use of dental implants to replace missing teeth. The use of Titanium root form implants in the rehabilitation of the partially or completely edentulous patient has been rooted in the

Figure 3. Implant at tooth position #9 is fully osseointegrated and stable in oral bone 30 months post-placement.
August 1, 2013 Feature DentistryImplantology

Successful Dental Implant Placement in a Liver Transplant Survivor: Literature Review and Case Report

by Pouran Famili, D.M.D., M.D.S., MPH, Ph.D.; Omer Farooq Akmal, D.D.S

Abstract:Twenty-five years after federal regulation through the United Network for Organ Sharing established criteria governing utilization of scarce donated body parts and individual access to healthy and viable organs, safe almost routine organ transplantation is the norm. Authors explore clinical

Figure 15. 36 months follow-up Implant #37, Peri-apical radiograph
August 1, 2013 Feature DentistryImplantology

The One-piece Implant Design: Prospective Case Report

by Eli Raviv, DMD., Roy Raviv, DMD, Jan Hanna, DMD, Mili Harel-Raviv, DMD

AbstractThe design of an implant plays a key role in the success of a final restoration. The two basic designs which are available are the two-piece implant design, (the surgical implant and prosthetic abutment are two separate components) and the

Figure 9. Postoperative radiograph.
August 1, 2013 Feature DentistryImplantology

Chin Advancements – The Oral Surgery Perspective.

by Dr. Tim D. Sands, DDS. Dr. Claudio Tocchio, DDS, MRCD(C). Dr. Robert B. Givelas, BSc., DDS

There is no argument that recent innovations in the diagnosis and management of disease involve the application of technology. However, can some of the complementary technological advancements and gadgets that have become lifestyle necessities actually cause disease themselves? Blackberry thumb,

Figure 15.
August 1, 2013 Feature DentistryImplantology

Nobel Biocare Global Symposium New York, 2013

by Nobel Biocare

The Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013 in New York saw more than 2,000 dental professionals from around the world come together to explore the latest developments in implant dentistry under the theme “Designing for Life: Today and in the future.”

July 25, 2013 News DentistryImplantologyOral Health

ClearDent, Sinclair Dental, and Dental Management Secrets are hosting the Annual “Best of Both World’s” Seminar.

by ClearDent

ClearDent, Sinclair Dental, and Dental Management Secrets are once again hosting the annual “Best of Both World’s” seminar  from September 26th and 27th, 2013 at the beautiful Wynn | Encore Hotel in fabulous Las Vegas. This two day, 16 CE credit

July 25, 2013 News Dental CareGeneral NewsImplantologyMedical news

New Report Concludes That Dental Implants Can Save Costs And Improve Quality Of Life

by Kahaliah Richards

A report published as the lead article in the International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants shows that dental implants offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional treatments for tooth replacement. The report, which is also cited on PubMed, the US

Academy of Craniofacial Aesthetics in India
July 19, 2013 News AnesthesiologyDental TechnologyDentistryEndodonticsGeneral PracticeImplantologyOral HealthOrthodontics

Inaugural Conference of the Academy of Craniofacial Asthestics in India on Occlusion, TMD & Full Mouth Rehabilitation at the Taj Exotica, Goa from September 13th – 15th, 2013.

by Academy of Cranio Facial Aesthetics in India

We are extremely happy to announce that we have organized a Conference on behalf of the Academy of Craniofacial Aesthetics in India at Taj Exotica, Goa from 13 – 15 September 2013. This is the1st ever Conference by the Academy

DenTech China
June 27, 2013 News Dental CAD/CAMDental LaboratoriesDentistryImplantologyOral Health

International Participation Scales Up in DenTech China 2013

by DenTech China

Visitors to this year’s DenTech China will be exposed to more new dental technology and trends from the international scene than ever before. This year, 3 National Pavilions will be featured in DenTech China 2013 – namely from Germany, USA

April 18, 2013 News DentistryImplantologyOral Health

DENTSPLY Implants announces change in top management – Lars Henrikson appointed Group President

by DENTSPLY Implants

DENTSPLY Implants announces a strategic change in top management: Lars Henrikson, former Group Vice President, now moves into the role of Group President. He will maintain offices in Mölndal, Sweden, and Mannheim, Germany. Jim Mosch, former Group President DENTSPLY Implants,

Figure 13. (B)
October 1, 2012 Feature DentistryImplantologyPeriodontics

Supportive Implant Therapy Protocol for the Patient with Single or Multiple Implants

by C. Fritz,123 L.M. Dakin,1 D.M. Lavoie,1 S.M. Sabo,1 C.P. Hamm,1

While the advent of implant dentistry has provided the option of a fixed prosthetic solution, the responsibility for the maintenance of implant dentistry often rests with the patient and the dental hygienist. Without supportive implant therapy, the possibility of peri-implantitis

August 1, 2012 Feature DentistryImplantology

Letters to the Editor

by Oral Health

Re: Empowering the Future Dentists of Jamaica: Paying it (May 2012) Dr. Glassman’s views on paying it forward and his noting that doing hands-on work can be more effective than writing a cheque are spot on. A friend of mine

Figure 5. Pin-Prick Test: A 27-guage needle is used to test for pressure detection and anesthesia/paresthesia/dysthesia.
August 1, 2012 Feature DentistryImplantology

Mandibular Nerve Neurosensory Impairment Following Dental Implant Surgery: Management And Protocol

by Carl E. Misch DDS, MDS and Randolph Resnik DMD, MDS

Sensory impairment of the skin and mucosa innervated by branches of the trigeminal nerve is a potential concern in association with dental implant surgery. The most common nerves traumatized in implant dentistry are the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) and its

Figure 10. In this photo, the female components have been picked up from the new intra-oral male components in a full PVS impression. This impression will be used not only for ideal positioning and stabilization of the new female components, but for a full denture reline as well (the first one he has had since he left the practice 22 years ago).
August 1, 2012 Feature DentistryImplantology

Simple Replacement of Prosthetic Components

by Blake Nicolucci, BSc, DDS

CASE PRESENTATIONSif anyone out there is lucky enough to have implants last for 20 to 30 years, then this might make for some interesting reading for you. I must say it is one of the longest times for survival that

Figure 27. Final post-cementation smile.
August 1, 2012 Feature DentistryImplantology

Utilization of an In-Office CAD/CAM e.max Maryland Bridge as a Long-Term Anterior Provisional

by Les Kalman, BSc, DDS

ABSTRACTThrough Computer Aided Design (CAD) a multiple unit prosthesis can be designed with ideal characteristics. By utilizing Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), the clinician has the ability to mill the designed prosthesis with extreme accuracy. E.max has been selected as the

Figure 7. After 2 years, bone growth & increased bone density.
August 1, 2012 Feature DentistryImplantology

Surface Treatment of Small Diameter Implants and the Effect on Osseointegration and Crestal Bone Retention

by Bruno Lemay, DMD and Robert J. Miller, MA, DDS

Since the introduction of dental implants, clinicians have developed strategies to accelerate healing and compress the time to final prosthetic reconstruction. These strategies have included modifying implant macroarchitecture, microarchitecture, and surface chemistry1. While the first surface treatment utilized acid etching