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December 10, 2015 Feature DentistryImplantology

Update On Timing Of Implant Placement After Tooth Extraction

by Daniel Ochoa, DDS; Takanori Suzuki, DDS, PhD

Abstract Understanding the hard and soft tissue changes of post-extraction sockets and the condition of the anatomy of the future implant site is essential for clinicians in deciding when and where future implants should be placed. This report provides a

September 29, 2015 Video Dental FAQDentistryImplantology

FAQ #2: Implant Complications

by Oral Health

Click to watch more Dental FAQ videos. Dr. Mark Lin discusses the various categories of implant complications. Dr. Mark Lin has given numerous lectures, presentations and courses on the topics of Implant Dentistry (Surgical/Prosthetics), live surgical and prosthetic demonstrations with

August 10, 2015 News DentistryGeneral PracticeImplantologyImplantologyOral HealthOral SurgeryPeriodontics

2015 Oral Implantology and Laser Perio Congress

by Oral Health

Join us for a world-class educational conference focusing on the most current research and clinical applications relating to your implant practice success, presented by an internationally renowned faculty of leaders. Experience hands-on equipment lab with the most advanced products, plus

August 1, 2015 Feature DentistryImplantologyImplantology

The Checklist – Sign Up Or Lose

by Dr. Blake Nicolucci, BSc, DDS

Dental implants can be a challenge at the best of times, although if everything is planned out ahead of time, most of these challenges can be either overcome or eliminated. One of the best ways to overcome these challenges is

August 1, 2015 Feature DentistryImplantologyImplantology

Re: The Perceived Issue of Oversupply of Dentists, Roundtable Discussion, May Oral Health

by Letter to the Editor

“Perceived” as opposed to real? Please note the following statistics reported in R.K. House and Associates Ltd., Economic Report to the Dental Profession, Ontario Dental Association, November 2014): 1. In Ontario, the ratio of population to GP dentists plus hygienist decreased

August 1, 2015 Feature DentistryImplantologyImplantology

Implants Used As An Adjunct To Full Mouth Rehabilitation

by Blake Nicolucci, BSc, DDS

The following is a case study that involves a patient who has lost vertical dimension, lost posterior teeth, worn down his anterior teeth from bruxing and attrition, and with a diet that became almost completely liquid. Although it seemed like

August 1, 2015 Feature DentistryImplantologyImplantology

Surgical Risk Factors in Implant Dentistry: Influence on Failures and Bone Loss

by Murray Arlin, DDS, Dip. Perio, FRCD(C)

Implant failures, peri-implant bone loss and other complications do occur, so it is vital for dentists to be aware of the risk factors that may be significant. This article will be the first of a series to be published in

August 1, 2015 Feature DentistryImplantologyImplantology

Implant Supported Overdentures

by Mark Nicolucci, DDS, MS, FRCD(C)

In 2009, the Canadian government published a summary report on the findings of the oral health component of the Canadian Health Measures Survey 2007–2009.1 They reported that 6.4 percent of the Canadian population was edentulous between 2007 and 2009. Thus,

August 1, 2015 Feature DentistryImplantologyImplantology

The Tooth Replacement Concept Utilizing Ceramic Dental Implants


IntroductionThe main goal of tooth replacement is to provide our patients with a long lasting tooth-like restoration that is strong, easy to maintain, biologically compatible, and aesthetically similar to or better than natural teeth. The use of titanium in implant

August 1, 2015 Feature DentistryImplantologyImplantology

Eliminating Tooth Sensitivity During Tooth Whitening A Five Case Study

by Ron Goodlin, DDS, AAACD, FIADE, FAGD

The advent of specialized chemistry in the “Zoom Whitespeed” (Fig. 1) (Philips) tooth whitening system has all but eliminated the concern over tooth sensitivity during bleaching procedures.1,2 There do remain, however, some patients, who have experienced severe sensitivity when they

July 16, 2015 News DentistryGeneral PracticeImplantologyImplantologyOral HealthPeriodontics

This month’s clinical tip from Perio-Implant Advisory:’Help! My implant fell out!’

by Scott Froum, DDS

This is an actual text message I received from a patient: I am freaking out, Dr. Froum; the implant you put in my mouth fell out two weeks ago … fell out … and I am on a cruise. What

July 3, 2015 News DentistryGeneral PracticeImplantologyImplantologyOral Health

Zimmer Completes Combination with Biomet

by Zimmer

Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE and SIX: ZMH) today announced that, following the receipt of U.S. Federal Trade Commission clearance, Zimmer has completed the acquisition of Biomet in a cash and equity transaction currently valued at approximately $14.0 billion. In connection

November 11, 2014 News Dental TechnologyDentistryGeneral PracticeImplantologyOral Health

Implantology with innovation potential – presented at the International Dental Show (IDS) 2015

by International Dental Show Cologne (IDS)

Current trends in implant systems and materials – digital technologies for implant planning – strategies for osteoconduction and osteointegration – a core theme at the upcoming IDS The figures provide confirmation: implantology is a growth area in dentistry. In Germany

September 16, 2014 News DentistryGeneral PracticeImplantologyOral Health

Danaher Agrees to Acquire Swiss Dental Implant Maker

by DealBook

The Danaher Corporation, an American science and technology conglomerate, said on Monday that it had agreed to acquire Nobel Biocare Holding in a deal that values the company, a Swiss dental implant maker, at about $2.2 billion. The deal, which

September 15, 2014 News Dental TechnologyDentistryGeneral PracticeImplantologyMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

ClearDent, Dental Mgmt Secrets, and MSI Canada presents: The 4th Annual “The Best of Both Worlds” 16 CE Credit Dental Event

by ClearDent

ClearDent, MSI Canada, and Dental Management Secrets are hosting the 4th annual “Best of Both World’s” event from October 30 to November 2, 2014. This year, the event features more speakers, more sessions covering more diverse subjects, and will be

September 15, 2014 News DentistryImplantologyOral Health

Widely used depression drug associated with dental implant failure

by Asnan Portal

People with dental implants who suffer from depression may need to be careful about the medication they take. The International and American Associations for Dental Research (IADR/AADR) have published a paper titled “SSRIs and the Risk of Osseointegrated Implant Failure

September 5, 2014 News Dental CareGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsImplantologyMedical newsOverall Health

Want to get fit? Then get your gums in shape!

by Kahaliah Richards

Imagine if you were an influential on the physical fitness of your patients. You can be. A new Brazilian study shows that younger men with gum disease (indicated by bleeding gums amongst other symptoms) were in much poorer shape than

August 1, 2014 Feature DentistryImplantology

Peri-Implantitis – An Occasional Problem

by Oral Health

As a practitioner of implant dentistry for the past 34 years, I am seeing an increasingly common problem: lack of understanding of ailing and failing implants. What are the clear indicators of failure, which cases can be treated, and when

August 1, 2014 Feature DentistryImplantology

Bilateral Sinus Elevation and Implant Placement A Case Presentation

by Dr. Blake Nicolucci, BSc, DDS

When there is little or no bone in the posterior maxilla, the tendency for implant dentists is to use smaller implants to avoid the maxillary sinus. In all honesty, this contradicts the laws of nature, which illustrate that the posterior

August 1, 2014 Feature DentistryImplantology

When to Treat Sinus Proximity

by Mark Nicolucci, DDS, MS, FRCD(C)

Implant dentistry has drastically improved our ability to replace missing teeth and stabilize dentures. It has become the standard of care in many treatment cases and continues to grow, providing more ways we can help our patients. As implant dentistry