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August 1, 2014 Feature DentistryImplantology

Immediate Molar Implant Placement An Accelerated Protocol For Molar Tooth Replacement

by Raj Chopra, BSc, DDS; Abid Jaffer, BHSc, DDS Candidate (2017)

INTRODUCTIONReplacing the “hopeless prognosis” molar with an implant is one of the most predictable treatments in dentistry today. Nonetheless, there are some significant barriers to overcome in such a treatment plan. Some of these are the number of steps required,

August 1, 2014 Feature DentistryGeneral PracticeImplantology

Instrument Design and Technique – A Match Made in Heaven

by Dr. Barry H. Korzen

It has been well documented that the use of nickel titanium rotary instrumentation has surpassed the use of stainless steel hand files both in the numbers of practitioners using this technique and the percentage of time they use rotary vs.

August 1, 2014 Feature DentistryGeneral PracticeImplantology

Probing The Mental Foramen

by Eric Chatelain, DMD

Review:Prevalence and importance of the anterior loop of the inferior alveolar nerve in fully edentulous mandibles during dental implant placement. THE ANTERIOR LOOPThe purpose of this review was to demonstrate actual instances and challenges facing practitioners in the field of

July 1, 2014 News DentistryImplantologyMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

Mark Bartold receives the 2014 IADR/Straumann Award in Regenerative Periodontal Medicine

by Straumann

At the General Session of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) in Cape Town, South Africa, the 2014 IADR/Straumann Award in Regenerative Periodontal Medicine was presented to Professor Mark Bartold in recognition of his remarkable achievements in the field.

May 28, 2014 News Dental LaboratoriesDentistryImplantologyMaterials & TechnologyOral HealthPeriodontics

BIOMET 3i announces the 11th winner of the Richard J. Lazzara Fellowship in Advanced Implant Surgery

by BIOMET 3i

BIOMET 3i and the American Academy of Periodontology Foundation are pleased to announce that Dr. Tapan N.  Koticha is the winner of the 11th annual Richard J. Lazzara Fellowship in Advanced Implant Surgery. The Lazzara fellowship was established as a

May 23, 2014 News DentistryImplantologyOral Health

Don’t Let Getting Dental Implants Stop You From Planning Your Vacation

by PRWeb

Memorial Day weekend, which was last weekend, marks the beginning of the summer vacation season. New Albany teeth in a day expert Dr. Ronald Receveur urges adults needing dental implants to not let their dental work stop them from planning

May 20, 2014 News Dental LaboratoriesDental TechnologyDentistryGeneral PracticeHealth & HealingImplantologyMaterials & TechnologyOral HealthOrthodonticsPeriodontics

Dental Shield Launches Insured Dental Warranty Program in North America for Dentists; Warranty Covers All Restorative Procedures for 5 Years


Dental Shield is the newest provider of a five-year dental warranty that covers participating dentist’s patients for 5 years and pays the dentists for patient claims that arise from a failed  restorative procedure. Dental Shield has engaged Internet Marketing-Consultant.com to

March 18, 2014 News DentistryGeneral PracticeImplantologyOral Health

Implant Dentistry Practitioners Keep Things ‘Real’ at the Academy of Osseointegration’s 2014 Annual Meeting

by PRNewswire

Specialists and generalists practicing implant dentistry came together from 45 countries to share best practices, coordinate optimal patient care

January 15, 2014 News DentistryImplantologyOral Health

Improved implant surface and hygiene boost restoration success

by Journal of Oral Implantology

Journal of Oral Implantology – Should a person’s teeth be saved at all costs? Over the last decade, the answer has shifted from yes to no in favor of replacing diseased and damaged teeth with implants. But treatment of patients

December 24, 2013 News DentistryImplantologyOral HealthProsthodontics

Gerald Niznick, Dmd, Msd Announces Retirement & Tom Stratton Appointed President of Implant Direct

by Oral Health

Gerald A. Niznick DMD, MSD, president and founder of Implant Direct, announced his retirement effective November 30, 2013. Dr. Niznick is succeeded by Tom Stratton as President of Implant Direct. Dr. Niznick has a 32-year successful history in the dental

Colin Glazer is a new associate with Rosen Sunshine LLP. He articled at a full service mid-sized firm and is now assisting various health care professionals with professional matters before their licensing bodies. He was called to the Ontario bar in January 2012.
November 1, 2013 Feature DentistryEndodonticsImplantologyProsthodontics

Thinking “What they Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them” Can Hurt You: The Dentist’s Duty to Disclose Adverse Outcomes

by Lonny Rosen, Elyse Sunshine and Colin Glazer

Something has gone wrong during a dental procedure, now what? There has been a great deal of confusion with regard to what a dentist is required to disclose, when, and to whom. Legislation, the common law and a dentist’s own

Biomet 3i
October 15, 2013 News DentistryImplantologyMaterials & TechnologyOral & Systemic HealthOral Health

BIOMET 3i Announces Adjustments to its Executive Committee

by BIOMET 3i

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – BIOMET 3i, one of the world’s leading dental implant manufacturers, announced today that it made adjustments to its Executive Committee led by President Bart Doedens. Effective October 7th, Mr. David Josza is returning to the

American Academy of Periodontology
October 9, 2013 News DentistryGeneral PracticeImplantologyOral HealthPeriodontics

American Academy Of Periodontology Installs New Board Of Trustees President

by American Academy of Periodontology

Dr. Stuart J. Froum Assumes Board Leadership at 99th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia Stuart J. Froum, DDS, of New York City was named President of the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) Board of Trustees during its 99th Annual Meeting held

September 25, 2013 News DentistryImplantologyOral Health

University Study Utilizing Narrow Body Implants

by Dentatus

University of Gothenburg* (Tomasi, Idmyr & Wennstrom), completed its one year study on Patient Satisfaction utilizing the Dentatus Atlas® Denture System. A twelve month study with 21 patients was performed to evaluate patient satisfaction with narrow body Atlas implants for

Carestream Dental
September 9, 2013 News Dental TechnologyDentistryImplantologyMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

New Toronto Implant Institute Teaching Centre Helps Dentists Develop Surgical and Technological Skills

by Carestream Dental

Powered by Carestream Dental, Teaching Centre Aims to Improve Quality of Life Through Education and Clinical Technique The Toronto Implant Institute today announced the grand opening of its teaching centre, which will offer practitioners further education on dental implants and

August 27, 2013 News General DentistryGeneral NewsImplantologyMedical newsResearchStem cell researchYouTube

American Scientists Attempt to Sequence John Lennon’s Genetic Code from the Beatle’s Tooth

by Kahaliah Richards

The Canadian dentist who purchased John Lennon’s tooth has recently agreed to work with US researchers to explore the musician’s DNA. If the venture is successful, the tooth collector is interested in preserving the valuable information with the belief that

Dr. Nicolucci is president of the Canadian Society of Oral Implantology and is Oral Health magazine's editorial board member for Implantology.
August 1, 2013 Feature DentistryImplantology

To Premedicate or Not to Premedicate – That is the Question!

by Dr. Blake Nicolucci

Prophylactic antibiotic coverage has been a very controversial topic in the profession over the years. There seems to be little ‘scientific data’ to support the current protocols for antibiotic coverage — as it pertains to premedication for heart surgeries and

Figure 13. A nine year post operative x-ray with no clinical complication.
August 1, 2013 Feature DentistryImplantology

Stress Treatment Theorem for Implant Dentistry: The Key to Implant Treatment Plans

by Carl E. Misch, BS, DDS, MDS, PhD (hc)

Dentistry is a unique aspect of medicine, blending science and art form. Some aspects of the dental field emphasize the art form, as in dental esthetics, which deals with tooth color and shape to enhance a patient’s smile and overall

Figure 30. Final results: Patients' expectations met.
August 1, 2013 Feature Implantology

Bone Reduction Guide, Virtual Extractions and Stereolithographic Working Model

by Dr. Gilbert Tremblay, B.Sc., DMD

A Study of Two Cases

Figure 4H. Post-operative image after flap closure and suturing.
August 1, 2013 Feature DentistryImplantology

Peri-Implantitis: Treatment Options

by Mark Nicolucci, BSc, DDS, MS, FRCD(C)

Peri-implantitis has been defined as a localized lesion involving bone loss around an osseointegrated implant.1 Its prevalence has been widely reported4 depending on the chosen threshold and specific study, varying from as low as two percent2 to as high as