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May 14, 2011 News Marketing strategies

Evidence based marketing – Office centric APP for your website

by ken

Trends come from sifting data and watching how processes evolve. The following addresses Facebook Places, Gowalia and Foursquare, all of which relate to location based mobile check in services. Ask yourself the obvious, will this impact on you in the next

May 13, 2011 News Marketing strategiesPractice management

9 Reasons You Should Consider Digital Case Presentation in Your Practice

by ken

From Dental Heroes – Jameson Management – May 12, 2011 The world around us is changing, and it’s changing rapidly. As consumer (patient) needs and demands change, so too must the way you interact with them. In many cases, this

May 12, 2011 News Marketing strategies

Considerations for your reception area – think Starbucks

by ken

This is probably the weirdest blog entry I’ve posted, but, I feel it has merit.  We have looked at retail stores and wondered what it is that makes people feel comfortable and hang around and have tried to emulate that

May 11, 2011 News Marketing strategies

The mother of all dental internet marketing mavens….

by ken

Was doing a search on the topic of SEO/Search Engine Optimization for a blog entry and came across a website that truly encompassed every conceivable facet of web based marketing and landing #1 or #2 on a GOOGLE search.  We

May 11, 2011 News Marketing strategies

Is Groupon right for your practice? IPO may value company at 20 billion

by ken

Yes, that’s billion with a B……Dr. Evil From Dr. Bicuspid – by Dan Tynan – May 11, 2011 The first time Chris Bowman, DDS, offered a Groupon deal — an at-home whitening service for just $77 — more than 200

May 9, 2011 News Marketing strategies

Keeping up with the changing face of dentistry – it’s global….

by ken

From Dentistry IQ.com – from Jenny Waddington DENTISTRY has changed massively over the past two decades, becoming more business-like than ever before, according to experts in Coventry and Warwickshire. More practices are having to provide additional services as well as

May 6, 2011 News Dental industryElearningElectronic Health RecordsInnovations in dentistryMarketing strategiesPractice managementSocial networkingTechnologyTrends in Dental EducationTrends in DentistryWebsites

Anticipatrending…..Wiki Word of the Week

by ken

From Digital Trends by Geoff Duncan – May 6, 2011 I sincerely expect that in the next year or so, dental industry and practice websites will be infused with APPS to drive business and market services…….one simply needs to follow

May 6, 2011 News Innovations in dentistryMarketing strategiesNew TechnologiesPractice managementTechnologyTrends in DentistryWomen in dentistry

YAPI – Patient Flow Management and Productivity Solution

by ken

By Larry Emmott – May 2, 2011 There is a new technology product I am very excited about that will be introduced at the Townie Meeting May 4-7 in Las Vegas. It is called YAPI. At first glance YAPI looks like

May 6, 2011 News Innovations in dentistryMarketing strategiesSocial networkingTrends in Dentistry

No Man’s Land

by ken

From AH HA Insights  Introduction:  Dentistry 2.0 For many Americans the Internet has become a credible source of health information.  Medical sites like WebMD, MayoClinic.com, Vitals.com, Healthgrades.com and others offer unprecedented access to health information to feed this growing consumer

May 5, 2011 News Cosmetic DentistryMarketing strategiesWebsites

Modern Dental Marketing at 2011 AACD Meeting in Boston

by ken

From PRWeb – May 4, 2011 The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) is hosting their 27th Annual Scientific Session in Boston, MA from May 18-21, 2011. Specializing in search engine marketing and website design for cosmetic dentists, CEO Keith Humes

May 3, 2011 News Marketing strategiesPractice management

Taking one for the team

by ken

I’ve been at this “game” for 137 years. Never have I seen the impact of “everything” from an election to “terror” be so obvious and pervasive. The Canadian election, Conservative majority, NDP in opposition demonstrates the polarization in this country

May 3, 2011 News Marketing strategies

Zentistry and the art of motorcycle maintenance

by ken

PRWeb – Los Angeles – May 2, 2011 Los Angeles dentist, Dr. Jay Khorsandi at ZenDental is pleased to introduce the Exclusive ZenLounge. The ZenLounge features numerous technologies and upgrades to allow patients a chance to escape any anxieties from

April 27, 2011 News Marketing strategiesNew TechnologiesPractice managementSocial networking

Attention all GEEKS!!! – Your APP has arrived

by ken

Gonna make this real simple……………DDSApp.com – say no more…. NUDGE NUDGE WINKLEVOSS WINKLEVOSS – SAY NO MORE!!!

April 27, 2011 News Marketing strategies

A video series!!!! I’m farklempt, talk amongst yourselves…will it float?

by ken

From PRWeb – April 27, 2011 Tri Hawk Corporation announced today the premiere of the first in a series of videos demonstrating the ability of its Talon burs to cut supposedly impenetrable materials. The 3-minute video can be viewed on

April 24, 2011 News Marketing strategiesNew TechnologiesSocial networking

Beyond the Fringe – Survivor host Jeff Probst on using social media to join the ‘global conversation’

by ken

Social media is dominating our world. The press to incorporate it into the world of dentistry is meeting with expected resistance, but that is typical and traditional with dentistry. Early adapters abound, albeit in small numbers; they will however, win

April 21, 2011 News Marketing strategies

Justin Bieber-Branded Dental Care Products to Arrive at Retailers in 2011

by ken

I wonder if I can go viral if I play my Kazoo on YouTube while obturating a third molar. Bravado, the world’s leading global music merchandising company, and Ashtel Dental, a leading provider of dental products nationwide, announced plans today to

April 21, 2011 News Marketing strategies

The winds of change

by ken

From dentistry.co.uk – trends are global – by Guy Hiscott A new survey suggests that patient loyalty may be on the wane – and that patients who are dissatisfied with their care might vote with their feet without dentists knowing.

April 16, 2011 News Marketing strategiesWebsites

Extrapolate, extrapolate, dance to the music…….

by ken

From Webtwilight – how to create a website. Dentistry is a profession, dentistry is a business, therefore, dentistry is a business.  Was sent this from a real estate blog. Does it have relevance to a dental practice, is the medium

April 15, 2011 News Marketing strategies

Ah them Brits, they know how to market folks where they live….

by ken

It’s an olde saw in marketing, goes all the way back to the Mad Men era; if you want them to remember you, then you have to repeat, I repeat, I repeat, I repeat, I repeat the message. Bullet point

April 12, 2011 News Cosmetic DentistryMarketing strategies

The naked tooth – curiouser and curiouser

by ken

Round and round it goes, and where it stops, I haven’t got a clue……… Read more…..