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February 6, 2011 News Practice management

The #1 Killer In a Dental Practice: Indifference

by ken

By Yin Chew Visit his blog  There are a myriad of problems associated with practising dentistry today. We’ve been inculcated by consultants NOT to take phone calls and disrupt production, many don’t have email in their practices to assist in

February 4, 2011 News Practice managementTrends in Dental Education

Valentine’s Day: Love me, love my iPad with iOS 4.3

by ken

The number of dental APPS in the APP store remains small, but is growing…..expect to see it continue exponentially as the impact chairside for treatment explanation in conjunction with monitors in treatment rooms showing diagnostic material explodes……. Y U should

February 4, 2011 News Practice managementPreventive DentistryTrends in Dental Education

Know your cuts of meat and your teeth

by ken

You must check out this website…….   Welcome to KnowYourTeeth The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is proud to welcome you to KnowYourTeeth.com. It’s the newest go-to resource that’s been designed, first and foremost, to meet the needs of consumers who

January 25, 2011 News Practice management

It’s the singer, not the song

by ken

NEW YORK, Jan. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — A new nationwide study by Verasoni Ah Ha! (The Research arm of Verasoni Worldwide), of how dentists use Facebook to promote their practice reveals that dentists are at a loss on Facebook. Data from the

January 23, 2011 News Practice management


by ken

People at the end of the alphabet are more impulsive buyers than those at the front. People waiting in line for days for the latest must-have product are probably a bunch of Zimmermans, Youngs, and, yes, Wilkinses, according to a

January 20, 2011 News Practice management

Dental Hush Hush – Protecting the value of your practice: non-compete & trade secret agreements

by ken

From Dental Tribune: Dentists are often concerned about how to best protect their patient base when an associate dentist leaves the practice. The owner of a practice must make sure that associates cannot take the patient base or employees with

January 20, 2011 News Practice managementSocial networking

Blending social media and EHR – take a bite of the Apple

by ken

Consider the implications of sharing your clients work product with them so that they can keep a record until such time as such records are mandatory…..to say nothing of the marketing implications….. Image via CrunchBase Apple looks set to introduce

January 16, 2011 News General NewsPractice management

Can we talk? EHR or chicken scratch on referral/prescription pads – you be da judge, here comes the judge!

by ken

by Constance Knieper The goal of the Federal Government is to motivate healthcare providers to implement and use certified electronic health records (E.H.R.) for all patients. This is a great opportunity for dentists; the incentives make it possible to recoup

January 13, 2011 News Practice managementPreventive Dentistry

What’s all this blather about retreading patients – oh, recare!!! sorry..

by ken

by Debbie Seidel-Bittke Preventive Care Appointments = Lifeline Image by Getty Images via @daylife One system in the dental office, which is often overlooked, is the dental hygiene departments’ recare system. It works best when the office doesn’t need to

January 2, 2011 News General NewsPractice managementSocial networking

Ten LIFEORDEATH adjustments to your technologic usage in 2011

by ken

By Sam Grobart December 30, 2010 Your gadgets and computers, your software and sites — they are not working as well as they should. You need to make some tweaks. But the tech industry has given you the impression that making

December 17, 2010 News Practice management

5 tips for marketing your dental practice

by ken

I’m old enough to remember, two early dental entrepreneurs who were excoriated and taken to court for appearing in an ad related to the Holiday Inn.  My how the times have changed. From Dental Tribune international – No matter what size

December 2, 2010 News Practice management

Is your practice killing you…..?

by ken

2011-12-12 06:31:57

November 27, 2010 News Practice managementSocial networkingTrends in Dental Education

Dismiss APPs at your own peril – HealthNav is just the beginning

by ken

Since dentistry remains the red haired bastard step-child of medicine due to our penchant for technologic not biologic fundamental obsession, something to do with industry meeting quotas, nonetheless, we as a profession are going to have to understand that APPS

November 26, 2010 News General NewsPractice management

Meet the new deal, same as the old deal…

by ken

By Jay Goltz (Editors note:  Marketing , good or bad,always comes to dentistry. We are prime targets for a “sell”.  Groupon is a new age manifestation of barter on one level and AMWAY on another. It’s worth checking into,however, CAVEAT

November 25, 2010 News PharmacotherapeuticsPractice managementSocial networking

New England Journal of Medicine – Social Media is in the BIBLE

by ken

By Jeremy A. Greene, M.D., Ph.D., and Aaron S. Kesselheim, M.D., J.D., M.P.H. Facebook and Twitter, the largest social media Web sites, have more than 350 million users worldwide, and surveys indicate that 60% of Americans turn first to the

November 22, 2010 News Practice management

Branding – head ’em up, move ’em out RAWHIDE!

by ken

Daughter-in-law of an old and dear friend asked me for help in getting a new business off the ground…..as mentoring is about as far away from nepotism and “schelpp” as it gets, I figured if it’s grist for the mill

November 17, 2010 News Practice managementSocial networkingTrends in Dental Education

Alvin Toffler you bloody genius!!!!

by ken

By Danny Bobrow, MBA The history of the public’s perception of dentistry may be viewed as consisting of three waves. I like to describe the first wave with the term “Feel Well Dentistry.”  During this wave, dentists were perceived as

November 16, 2010 News Practice management


by ken

“This is not an email killer.” That’s what Mark Zuckerberg said at the Facebook event, which is still going on as we write this. Indeed, the brand new Facebook “Modern Messaging System” is not an email killer, but it does

November 15, 2010 News Practice management

Thimk Different – Steve Jobs; I want to bear your children

by ken

Lincoln, NE, (October 26, 2010) – MacPractice, the leading Apple developer of practice management and clinical software on Macs and iPhones for medical, dental and chiropractic offices, today announced the release of MacPractice iPad Interface with ePrescribe. The solution was

November 14, 2010 News Practice management

Levin Group launches dent biz newsletter

by ken

It’s been a while since I visited the Levin Group (http://www.levingroup.com); however, an article in Dr. Biscuspid caught my attention and a quick check of the group’s newly redesigned website proved most intriguing.  You should be able to receive the