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November 4, 2021 News News

Congratulations to This Year’s Winners of the Bernard Weissman/Dentatus Student Achievement Award!

by Dentatus

Annica Elmart from the Faculty of Odontology at the University of Malmö, Mohamed Abdulkadir Hussein from the Faculty of Odontology at Umeå University, Erica Johansson from the Faculty of Odontology at the University of Göteborg, and Agne Kvedaraite from the

November 3, 2021 News News

Experts Calling for More Environmental Sustainability in Health Care

by CBC

If you’re struggling to breathe or heading into surgery, concerns about climate change are likely not top-of-mind compared to worries about managing your own health. But rather ironically, the health-care sector contributes to climate change by giving off a sizeable

November 3, 2021 News Dental HygieneNews

Fanshawe College is the Only School to Get a 100% Pass Rate on National Exam

by Kate Otterbein, 1069thex

Fanshawe’s Dental Hygiene program landed a 100% pass rate on the National Dental Hygiene Certification Board Exam. The closest behind Fanshawe was Algonquin College with a 96% pass rate. Graduates had a difficult year, with the pandemic putting programming on

November 3, 2021 News News

Dental Students Feel Inspired, Grateful for New Pathways

by University of Manitoba

Ex-physio has ‘big goal’ to improve access to dental care Terrell Okotcha has experienced the severe pain of being injured on the football field. But he says the agony he suffered from untreated dental issues was worse. “I’ve had a

November 3, 2021 News DentistryNews

Four in Ten Scottish Dentists Ready to Quit NHS and Go ‘Fully Private’

by The Herald

Hundreds of dentists have warned that they will go fully private if the Scottish Government presses ahead with plans to axe pandemic support funding from April next year. The British Dental Association’s leadership in Scotland said ministers are “blindly headed down

November 2, 2021 News Dental HygieneNews

TempStars Brings Better ‘Career Opportunities for Dental Hygienists and Assistants’ to Phoenix and Scottsdale

by TempStars

TempStars, North America’s largest and #1 rated dental temping and hiring service, announced today that it is open for business in Phoenix and Scottsdale, another step in the company’s expansion in the United States. “This will create many new opportunities for dental

November 2, 2021 News NewsPractice management

Canada Ranks Third for Ransomware Attacks

by Philip Porado, Canadian Underwriter

Businesses in Canada, with 62 attacks, are the third most likely worldwide to have their data held hostage, said new research by NordLocker. Researchers, who analyzed 1,200 companies hit by ransomware gangs in 2020 and 2021, said the U.S. (732 cases),

November 1, 2021 News DentistryNews

Few Dental Patients Regret Having a Root Canal: Study

by US News

Most people who’ve had a root canal say they don’t regret it, even though many still have pain and discomfort in the affected tooth, a new Swedish study finds. Root canals are commonly done when the soft tissue (pulp) inside

November 1, 2021 News ImplantologyNewsOral Health

AI Helps Predict Treatment Outcomes for Patients with Diseased Dental Implants

by Technology.org

Although dental implant-supported crowns offer aesthetic, functional and natural-feeling tooth replacements, and the market is estimated to reach $6.8 billion by 2024, the emerging endemic of peri-implantitis has severely compromised the long-term success of implant dentistry. Roughly one-quarter of dental

October 29, 2021 News News

Dentistry, Dental Hygiene Students Help Cleanup Campus

by UM Today

The Bannatyne campus is looking spick-and-span thanks to students from the Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry and the School of Dental Hygiene. Fifteen members of the college’s Student Environmental Group and volunteers picked up about four garbage bags worth of trash earlier

October 29, 2021 News DentistryNews

Getting Dental Coverage Added to Medicare Faces Pushback From Some Dentists

by NPR

Health equity advocates see President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to provide dental coverage to those on Medicare, nearly half of whom did not visit a dentist in 2018 — well before the pandemic paused dental appointments

October 28, 2021 News New TechnologiesNewsRadiology

Pearl’s Second Opinion® Introduces Groundbreaking AI-Assisted Radiology to Canadian Dentistry

by Pearl

Canada has joined a growing list of countries where Pearl’s flagship dental AI solution has been licensed for distribution. Pearl, the leader in AI solutions for efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in dental care, announced today that it has received a

October 28, 2021 News Dental TechnologyNews

Align Technology Shares Finding From New Clinical Study That Validates the Significant Benefits of the iTero Element 5D Imaging System as an Aid in Detection and Monitoring of Interproximal Caries Lesions (Cavities)

by Align Technology, Inc.

The study published in the Journal of Dentistry confirms that the iTero Element 5D imaging system* with iTero NIRI (Near Infra-Red Imaging) technology is more sensitive than bitewing radiography in detecting early enamel lesions and comparable in detecting dentinal lesions iTero NIRI

October 28, 2021 News NewsPatient education

Full Promise of Teledentistry Hinges on Dental Education, ADEA Report Finds

by Financial Post

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated and broadened the use of teledentistry, offering new promise in the ability to reach vulnerable populations in the greatest need of oral health care, according to a policy research report from the American Dental Education

October 27, 2021 News NewsOral Health

Childhood Cavities, the Most Common Disease Among Children, Lead to Significant Physical, Emotional, Social and Economic Distress

by Colgate-Palmolive Company

Global research from Colgate-Palmolive Company, the worldwide leader in oral care, reveals the effect of childhood cavities on children and parents’ quality of life and wellbeing, offering a compelling reason to prioritize oral health education during National Dental Hygiene Month

October 27, 2021 News News

Can Salivary Glands Infected with COVID-19 Increase Risk for Relapse or Reinfection?

by University of Utah Health Sciences

University of Utah Health scientists are leading an effort to determine if salivary glands infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 could diminish a person’s long-term immunity to the disease after being immunized or after recovering from the illness. The

October 26, 2021 News NewsOral Health

Scientists Report Automatic Method for Studying 3D Reconstructions of Teeth

by Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Studies of palaeoanthropological finds related to different historical periods and territories have been conducted for recent years at the Department of Orthopaedic Dentistry of RUDN University. Researchers from RUDN: Samvel Apresyan (MD, Prof.) and Armen Gaboutchian (PhD) together with colleagues

October 26, 2021 News DentistryNews

Polar Bear with Sore Head Sees Dentist

by BBC News

A dauntless dentist has removed a broken tooth from a 600kg (1,322lb) bear with a sore head. The hour-long operation on three-year-old polar bear Sisu warded off the possibility of a severe infection. As well as taking out the damaged

October 26, 2021 News NewsOral Health

At-Home Oral Health Practices Remain Strong, According to Survey

by Delta Dental Plans Association

A key factor in achieving optimal oral health is ensuring that teeth and mouths are being cared for regularly. This National Dental Hygiene Month, Delta Dental highlights findings from a recent study showing that adults and children across America continue to

October 25, 2021 News NewsOral Health

As Calgary Votes for Fluoride, Some in B.C. Have Hope for ‘Rotten Tooth Capital of Canada’

by CBC

After a year that saw both Regina and Calgary voting to add fluoride to their drinking water, some British Columbians are wondering whether it’s time for cities in the province to finally consider fluoridation. About two-thirds of Calgarians who voted in